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Sore Throat From Smoking Weed: 4 Quick-relieving Tips




Sore Throat From Smoking Weed

A sore throat from smoking weed has got to be the most annoying thing (if not the only one) when it comes to weed. The feeling of a sore throat from smoking weed is probably the downside everyone has to deal with when they want some chill time with their favorite strain. Especially if the strain is as intense as the black strain is, then you have got to find a way to remedy this because I’m sure you’re suffering big time after a pleasant smoke sesh. An irritated and sore throat can definitely limit you from having a good time, talking and laughing at some hilarious weed-related humor, or playing weed games, which is why I decided to dedicate this article to finding simple solutions to your sore throat from smoking weed.

Read along and enjoy.

A sore throat from smoking weed: The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’

Smoking weed sure does come with plenty of awesome effects as we all know. However, it does have a couple of not so awesome ones such as the cottonmouth feeling and the sore throat. Namely, the feeling of a sore throat from smoking weed happens because the smoke irritates your mouth and throat and dries them completely. As mentioned in the article regarding the cotton mouth from smoking weed, the cannabinoids like the THC-based ones block the signals sent to your brain receptors for the salivary glands that they need to produce more saliva when smoking. Thus your mouth and throat overly dry and you are left with an unpleasant feeling of coughing all the time.

How does smoking dry your throat?

Even though the cottonmouth feeling and your sore throat from smoking weed are temporary and are only felt when you are smoking, it can get pretty bad. For instance, if you and your buddies are having an intense smoke sesh you might irritate your throat a lot and feel pain days after. This can lead to coughing constantly and an uneasy feeling that something is stuck in your throat. This is why you should follow the tips below and remedy your sore throat as soon as it happens.

Namely, the first reason why a sore throat from smoking weed occurs is the hot air you are inhaling. The hot dry smoke heats up your mouth and throat to the point of irritation. Starting with your gums to the bronchioles in your lungs, you can feel the impact of weed and whatever toxins are in it when smoking. So, the first step in order to prevent a sore throat from smoking weed is to stop smoking marijuana.

Other ways of consuming marijuana

Just before you hit the red X button and close this article thinking I’m crazy for saying this, I should note that I didn’t say stop consuming marijuana altogether, but simply find other ways of enjoying the plant. At least for a little while until your throat goes back in shape.

Coughing remedies

Coughing remedies via pixabay.

The cannabis plant has many wonderful benefits and is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and simply for relaxation, so stopping it would be a shame, but luckily there are other creative ways you can reap the benefits without getting a sore throat from smoking weed.

  • Vapingis becoming very popular lately for its odorless characteristics and for the fact that it gives you more therapeutic benefits than smoking it from a joint. But also it’s great because it doesn’t give you a sore throat from smoking weed. Lately, with the increasing demand for vaping in general, cannabis companies are now producing many different CBD-based and THC-rich oils for special vaping pens. The hot water vapor is much gentler to your throat and mouth than the hot dry smoke and it contains far fewer potential carcinogens and toxins in it. The best part is that the vapor also holds a more potent hit which induces the beneficial effects of the cannabinoids in the weed.
    People who use the plant for healing prefer vaping because they get the CBD’s therapeutic properties more than with the regular smoking. Also, the canna wax, the THC distillates, the dabs, and the hashish can all be smoked by vaping so you can have much better, cleaner smoking sessions than you would normally have by smoking a blunt.
  • Ediblesare another awesome way of enjoying delicious food and sipping weed-rich drinks without the risk of getting a cottonmouth or a sore throat from smoking weed. Edibles are also fantastic because with them you can very precisely dose cannabis according to your needs. Namely, when you buy them you have the reliable labeling, and if you decide to make and bake some tasty food with weed, then you have your own careful preparation and you always know exactly what you put into it. Even though you will wait for the high feeling a little longer than with vaping or smoking the weed, it will come without hitting you in the head and will last longer than the other two ways of using the plant. Depending on the dosage, a high from edibles can last between 4 to 12 hours, which is pretty amazing.
  • Cannabis patchesare also a great way to feel a bit of a canna buzz throughout the day without having to smoke it or vape it or eat it. They are discreet and convenient to carry at work or wherever you go and no one but you will know.

Marijuana buds

Marijuana buds via pixabay.

Now, I knew some of you simply love puffing joints too much to quit it. This is why have comprised a list of things you can do to remedy your painfully sore throat from smoking weed and feel better immediately after.

How to heal your sore throat from smoking weed?

Staying hydrated by taking plenty of water and water only (freshly squeezed fruit juices are also an option – especially lemonade) is the easiest way to stay away from a sore throat from smoking weed while you do it and after. I mean, drinking enough water daily is a healthy habit anyway, but when smoking your body needs it badly, trust me! Keep in mind that anything salty or with caffeine in it will dehydrate you further, so stay away from black or green tea, coffee, and salty food.

Furthermore, chewing a gum, or licking a lollipop are also great ways to induce saliva production and soothing your sore throat from smoking weed. Dried sour fruit like pineapple or even chewing fresh lemon pieces will also provide the needed moist to your mouth and throat.

As an experienced pothead, what are your ways of soothing your sore throat from smoking weed? Let us know your tricks for getting back on track after intense smoking sessions.

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