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THC Distillate: All Your Questions Answered




THC Distillate

THC distillate. If you are hearing the term for the first time and you want to get informed further on just what a THC distillate is, welcome. Here we are going to discuss how and scientists have come up with a process of distillation in order to extract THC and make it potent. And when I say potent I mean incomparably potent, effective and fast-absorbing when ingested. So let’s get on to it then.

What is THC distillate?

THC distillate is the next generation product extracted from a weed that contains above 90% and even up to 99% (depending on the producer) of pure THC. Now if that isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is. However, the distillation process itself is not something new when it comes to extracting substances and creating concentrates of any sort. In fact, this method has been used in the production of alcohol for many years now. But regarding the production of pure THC distillate, it is fairly new and still unexplored by many. Ever since it appeared on the market, it gained good popularity and people consider it as the future of all the concentrates ever to appear on the market. And as you’ll see below, they have every reason to be right.

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Why is THC distillate so popular?

As you know by now, there have been many concentrated cannabis-based products on the market so far. These include hashish, shatter, and wax. However, in order to be able to make wax or shatter you need to use a solvent. This solvent can be pure alcohol or butane. If not, you are basically not able to extract the compounds from the marijuana plant.

Furthermore, when talking about hash production, or flower rosin, bubble hash, or the famous full-melt hash, some kind of a pressure method is needed in order for the cannabinoids to be successfully extracted along with the terpenes that give you that pure high.

Now, even after doing so, using alcohol or pressure in both methods, there will always be some kind of residue left out from either the plant or the solvent that you have used. So the reason why THC distillate gained so much popularity overnight is that it has no residue whatsoever. This is achieved by the process through which it is made, called a short path distillation. This method is able to separate the molecules from the plant and refine them. Now, the main difference lies in the way this all occurs. Namely, the distillation process uses heat to vaporize the cannabinoids from the weed. Once these are turned into vapor, they are being collected in a distillation system that cools them. This ensures the removal of the chlorophyll, which is the plant matter, and all kinds of residue that normally would remain from the cannabinoid.


The end result is a 100% PURE THC cannabinoid matter. Very clean, readily available for the body, and highly concentrated, enabling you to feel its effects almost immediately after consumption. Now that’s a real treat.

The benefits of the THC distillate

THC concentrate

The excellent thing about THC distillate is that you get from 90% to whopping 99% of pure, concentrated THC. It is advised that a 20% THC flower should be used in the distillation process. Still, this is an excellent achievement when you compare the other methods mentioned above which are able to yield only 60% to 85%.

Speaking of the benefits, with these amounts of pure THC in your THC distillate you are able to have an instant trippy and euphoric high but not only that. The best thing is that people who use weed beyond recreational reasons, as in medically and therapeutically, will get a great benefit out of it because THC is a potent medicine with promising properties in stopping cancer in its early beginnings.

Furthermore, into the benefits list, there is the purity sticking out. As you know, for the production of THC distillate there is no need for the usage of solvents of any kind in order to extract the cannabinoids. So, you get highly-concentrated, pure THC without any unwanted constituents.

Another benefit is the discretion with which you can consume your THC distillate and people around you won’t notice a thing (apart from if you change your behavior or your eyes turn red, of course). This is among the most important reasons why people prefer the THC distillate over any other weed-based product. It can be consumed with a vape pen, e-cigarette, or even topically. It absorbs fast so no one will be able to spot the difference.

Last but not least, its fast-acting properties are on this list. Namely, the THC distillate can be felt almost immediately because the THC gets activated during the distillation process. For this, many patients suffering from chronic pain, injuries, cancer, or seizures, can reap its pain-relieving benefits within minutes.

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, with every new discovery, there come many people for and against it. Read on be and the judge where you stand.

Firstly, purists argue that THC distillate is the next form of engineered cannabis, and basically a way for large companies to make a profit from offering an unnatural form of cannabis. Also, it is known that the THC distillate products contain no active terpenes. They are destroyed in the process hence the lack of odor and taste of the THC distillate when consumed. The reason for them being destroyed is that they are sensitive to high temperatures and the THC distillate production is technically based on high temperatures.

THC distillate production

However, experts are figuring out ways to go past this. Namely, they know how important terpenes are (plus some people like the smell and taste of weed). So, they have come up with the idea of terpenes extraction, and their addition later on when the THC distillate has cooled down.

Lastly into the disadvantages, the THC distillate products (as per all the other THC concentrates), contain pesticides from the plant. This process isn’t able to completely remove them, however, there’s a way past this issue too. Simply make sure to buy your THC distillate from producers that use organic and pesticide-free cannabis.

How to use the THC distillate?

  • Orally or sublingually: A small drop of the product under your tongue and then keeping it there will ensure a maximized absorption into your bloodstream. Instead, you can simply swallow it and either way it will provide you with an eight to ten-hour pain relief.
  • Smoking: You can put the distillate into a joint by spreading it around the weed in the rolling paper.
  • Vaping it: Simply fill up your vape tank with the THC distillate. Note that using a ceramic coil would be much better than a cotton coil because the impurities may ruin the taste.
  • Edibles: Nothing easier than including some of your THC distillate in your homemade edibles. You can even use it in your canna-based cocktail and other weed goodies.

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