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Jack Herer Seeds, Types and Their Legendary History

Samuel Njoroge



Jack herer seeds

Jack Herer seeds are the hybrid marijuana seeds named in honor of the legendary marijuana rights activist Jack Herer. In this article, we will focus on its features, effects and its rich history.

Jack herer seeds

Jack Herer seeds-

Jack Herer seeds are feminized and auto cannabis seeds named after the well-known and respected industrial hemp legalization advocate, Jack Herer (1939-2010).  He was an American cannabis rights activist and author whose books are frequently cited in the efforts to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. His book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes is about the prohibition of marijuana and has been in print for 31 years continuously and is in its 12th edition. Herer founded the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) organization where he also served as the director. What better way to honor his legacy than to name the Jack Herer seeds after him?

Ancestry and history

Jack Herer seeds strain is a hybrid of 3 strains, one sativa and two indica giving it the best of both worlds. The strains are Shiva Skunk (Indica), Haze (Sativa) and Northern Lights #5 (Indica). Jack Herer is mainly a Sativa dominant hybrid. It was created as a bonafide medical strain in the mid-1990s by the highly notable producers, Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands. The intention was to combine the clear-headedness Sativa stimulation of Haze with the bounty resins of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The result was Jack Herer seeds, an award-winning hybrid that has been prescribed by doctors and has become very popular with recreational users. This has been caused by the clear, motivating and the creative ‘high’ effect that comes with it.

Jack Herer seeds plant features

Not all Jack Herer seeds produce plants that look similar to each other and in some cases, you may find some plants with more indica characteristics than others. The plants may grow rather high (the height is between 60 inches and 100 inches) and may require pruning unless the growing area is in a closed off area. With THC levels well above 18%, Jack Herer seeds mostly produce plants with great deals of crystals across the fan leaves, stems and stalks. You may notice little hairs that turn red on the buds when the plant matures. The jack herer seeds produce plants that yield up to 18 ounces per plant. However, this may not be the same for feminised jack herer seeds. It takes the plants about 10 – 11 weeks to flower and they are usually harvested in September or October. The jack herer seeds are especially ideal for people who want to designate a mother plant to enable them to create ideal plants continually.

Jack herer auto flowering

Jack Herer Autoflowering-

Jack herer seeds plants yields depend on the phenotype, and this strain has numerous phenotypes with the most popular being the Sativa dominant. However, there are indica dominant phenotypes available.  The indica phenotypes produce the most yields. When grown indoors, the yields can be up to 18 ounces per square meter and when planted outdoors they can be up to 18 ounces per plant.

Jack Herer seeds Phenotypes

The jack herer seeds plants grow in four distinct phenotypes and therefore growers should not expect to see uniformity in their plants.

Phenotype A –This is the strongly Sativa phenotypes. They can be identified by their irregular and oversized calyxes which can cover the top half of each stem by the end of the flowering period. The plants in this phenotype are tall and are the most potent in the hybrid strain.

Phenotype B – These are indica dominant Jack Herer seeds. This plant is the fastest and has a more compact growth pattern. It has heavy and resinous buds clustered around the nodes. Plants in this phenotype can double or even triple their vegetative height during the flowering period. The upper branches of plants in this phenotype combine with the main stem to form a large central cola. It has a stronger physical component than A and C phenotypes.

Phenotype C – These includes strong Sativa dominant plants and are similar to A. however, they grow tall and slender with productive branches. Their calyxes are shorter than in A and they grow outwards in a way that gives the buds a spiky appearance. Because of that, they produce the largest buds but this does not necessarily translate to the highest yields. They have a delicious, creamy spicy and sweet flavor.

Phenotype D – Jack Herer seeds plants in this phenotype produce dense indica like buds at each node. Plants in this phenotype produce ridiculous amounts of resin and have a stronger body stone than other phenotypes. Their calyxes don’t run up the stems as they do in Phenotype A and C. This creates gaps in between nodes. They can be grown closely together as there is less branching. They gain massive height during flowering but they also finish flowering quickly which makes them easy to grow and manage.

Feminised Seeds vs. Auto flowering Seeds for Indoor Cultivation

Advantages of Feminised Seeds vs. Auto flowering Seeds for Indoor Cultivation:

Effects of Jack Herer seeds hybrid plants

The Jack Herer seeds hybrid strains provide a stimulating euphoria that does not turn to anxiety. It stimulates the mind into transcendent thinking and creativity. Jack Herer strains effects also sets the body tingling with pleasure and leaves you more energized, enabling you to function at peak levels. The jack herer seeds strains are the best when doing creative tasks, kicking off brainstorming sessions for art projects, like music or painting. When used in the right dosage it may improve your appetite and boost you sleep.

Medical uses of jack herer seeds cannabis hybrid

With THC levels up to 24 percent, Jack Herer seeds are bred with medicinal purposes in mind. The potent THC levels can be used to treat musculoskeletal pains such as back pains, joint pains, muscle cramps, muscle tension and sciatica. Neuropathic pains caused by nerve damages also respond to the high THC in this strain. This includes conditions like multiple sclerosis pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathy.

Jack Herer seeds plants are also recommended to people with chronic stress and its effects. It provides the stimulation required to lift off depression. Users get an immediate mood boost, energy increase and help them come up with clear and creative solutions to their problems. The hybrid is also used for its anti-inflammatory effects, it is used to treat ADHD and ADD, to reduce nausea effects and improve appetite. Jack Herer seeds hybrid strain is widely beneficial to a person’s health and lifestyle when used in the right way.

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