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How To Make Bubble Hash Without Wasting Weed Away




How to make hash brown

Lately bubble hash has been getting some attention and popularity on the internet, so it might have intrigued you to look for ways how to make bubble hash. However, there are many ways out there and most can be pretty confusing and also cause you to waste away all that precious weed in the process. We most certainly don’t want that to happen, so here we write and thoroughly explain the way how to make bubble hash and a pretty high-quality one. Read on and roll your sleeves up for some good bubble hash.

What is Bubble Hash Anyway?

Before you learn how to make bubble hash, you need to know what it is and how to use it once you have it. Well, bubble hash is concentrated cannabis, in fact, it is one of the many different varieties of extracts that are derived from cannabis. It got its name by the bubbles that are produced when the bubble hash is smoked. When you see it, it has a dark brown color tone and its texture is kind of solid but crumbly, almost like dried mud, I’d say. It is derived by extracting parts of the marijuana that have the active ingredients in them. These extracted parts or structures of the marijuana are called trichomes. While there are different types of trichomes on cannabis, they all serve as protectants of the plant from external dangers such as insects, animals, and even fungal growth. They look like tiny hairs on the plant and with their bitter taste and repelling aromas they are the plant’s most effective defense mechanism against predators. Also, these are the particles that hold the most THC and CBD along with terpenes, hence their distinct aroma, and, basically, in the process of learning how to make bubble hash, you should know that these are the most important structures.

How to Make Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash via borntobeweed


Note: If you’re not here to learn how to make bubble hash, but just to know how to pick the best quality there is when buying, you should know that brown color has better quality than green bubble hash. This is due to the fact that the green one has more of the plant material in it.

Ways How to Make Bubble Hash

Now, when talking about how to make bubble hash, maybe you have heard about the most popular method that’s also said to be the easiest, and that’s using ice and water along with bubble bags. While this is the most common method, here we will show you how to make bubble hash at home in 3 different ways. They all produce a super-quality bubble hash and they all have their perks and downsides.

  1. Hand Rolling: This is one of the oldest methods of how to make bubble hash and while it’s the simplest there is and requires no equipment whatsoever, it will set you for a hard day’s work. Here are the steps of how to make bubble hash by hand rolling:
  • Firstly, make sure to clean your hands well and for the most organic results, you must use a scent-free soap.
  • Take the leaves and stems off of the buds.
  • Place the bud between your hands and roll it in a circular motion. Do not press very firmly in the process.
  • After a while, there will be a thick residue forming on your palms. Scrape this residue and leave it on a clean surface pressing it together to create a ball.
  1. Dry Sifting: Another way how to make bubble hash is by sifting cannabis. It is said that for better yields and more potent hash you should freeze your cannabis in a ziplock bag. This allows for the trichomes to separate better from the rest of the plant. For this method of how to make bubble hash, you will need a credit card, silkscreen, baking paper, and, of course, cannabis trimmings. The steps of how to make bubble hash by sifting are as follow:
  • Place a sheet of baking paper that is larger than the silkscreen on a flat surface.
  • Place the silkscreen on top of it and then put the trimmings on the silkscreen, breaking apart any large pieces.
  • Gently move the trimmings in order to separate the trichomes from the plant material and this is when you’ll see the kief slowly forming on the baking paper below. The kief will be one-tenth of the amount of weed you’re using in the end result.
  • This is when your credit card in the process of how to make bubble hash comes handy. Namely, when you’ve collected enough kief, form a pile of it and press it in order to create a block so you can collect and store it easily.
  1. Bubble Bags Method: The bubble bags method on how to make bubble hash, as we said, is the most popular one. We leave it up to you to be the judge of that. As equipment, you will need bubble bags or cannabis mesh bags, ice, water, 2 buckets, cannabis trimmings, and a wooden spoon. Here are the steps on how to make bubble hash:
  • Place all the cannabis trimmings into a bucket with a lot of ice on top of them.
  • Add enough water to cover all the trimmings.
  • Stir the mixture for about 15 minutes with the wooden spoon. Set the cannabis bags in the other bucket and pour the mixture of cannabis and ice water in it and leave it for 45 minutes.
  • Remove the first bag while still holding it above the bucket and shake it to drain.
  • Repeat the process with each bag and scrape the bubble hash residue from each one forming a ball.

Since this is a slightly more complex process, we have included a video with instructions that will show you how to make bubble hash without any confusion. Watch it here.

How To Consume Bubble Hash

Now that you know how to make bubble hash, you should also read about ways how you can get the most out of it by consuming it in the right way. Namely, bubble hash contains up to 60% THC and is pretty potent as such. Thus, it should not be used solely on its own but mixed with cannabis when vaping, dabbing, or in the blunt, you’re rolling with some regular marijuana.

Do you know any other ways on how to make bubble hash? Share your experience with our fellow readers on getting the best-quality hash, so we can all enjoy together.

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