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Cannabis Wax: All You Need To Know

Sonja Angelevska



Cannabis wax

Cannabis wax has become one of the most popular marijuana-derived products. While smoking weed is still the most common way of using marijuana, more and more products are emerging on the market for different recreational and medical uses and marijuana wax is becoming a preferred choice for many. The reason for that is the fact that cannabis wax has very high concentrations of THC – anywhere between 10 and 20 normal joints! The idea f enjoying something which can give you a greater effect than smoking a joint is the reason why many people are deciding on a first place to give this wax a go. While it is perfectly safe for use if it is your first time doing it you need to get yourself informed on the effect in order not to be caught by surprise.

THC in weed can go up to 30%, but when it comes to cannabis wax, the content is around 90%. This is due to blasting the plant with butane, and the end product is a wax-like substance, hence the name cannabis wax or marijuana wax. It is also commonly known by the name butane hash oil or BHO and 710 (if you turn the numbers upside down it reads “oil”).


If you are considering giving this wax a go, we will give you all of the needed information you need to be aware of to get you all prepped up!

What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is nothing else but highly concentrated marijuana. The THC content is extracted by using butane. One thing must be admitted – it does look quite unappealing since it resembles ear wax. However, if you get past the looks, you can be enjoying an exceptional “high”. Hey, after all, it’s not the outside that matters – it’s the inside!

Marijuana Wax

The exceptionally high THC content makes cannabis wax the ultimate form of weed. While for some people it might be a bit too much for recreational use, people with chronic pain or medical conditions are keen on this weed product due to the benefits it can provide them with. However, it comes at a price of over $40 per gram, making it one of the more expensive cannabis products on the market.

How You Can Use Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax can be enjoyed in many different ways. While it is not possible to use it as you would normally use weed to roll a joint, you can sprinkle a bit of wax on top of the weed for an enhanced experience.

Using marijuana wax in a bong is probably the most common way of enjoying this product. The way to consume it is placing it inside a bong and do it as you would normally smoke weed.

Dabbing is a very similar way to a bong in which you can consume cannabis wax yet it is still separate. It requires a dab ring which is essentially what makes it different from a bong. By using a specialized blowtorch you heat the nail which can be made out of ceramic, glass or titanium. The cannabis way will vaporize immediately and you inhale the vapor just as you would when using a normal bong.

Smoking cannabis wax

Using a vaporizer is another convenient way to enjoy marijuana wax with no mess or hassle. You would need a good quality vaporizer though because the weaker ones will not be able to increase the temperature enough to vaporize the wax and give you a good hit. A titanium coil is what you should be looking for in a vaporizer if you are looking to use it for enjoying this substance.

Making Marijuana Wax at Home

Making cannabis wax at home is possible, yet you need to make sure you really know what you are doing. The fact that butane is involved in the making is what makes this process potentially dangerous. Butane is a highly flammable substance so you need to proceed with precaution. If you are not entirely sure what you are doing or not confident enough, the best thing to do is buy wax from a reputable seller.


Effects of Marijuana Wax

While you might like the idea of cannabis wax, if it the first time you would consume it take a moment to inform yourself about the effects it can have. This product is much different from weed, so if you are used to smoking weed you still need to learn more about the wax before going for it.

Due to the high THC content, it has hallucinogenic effects. There have been numerous cases when people were hospitalized due to taking in too much cannabis wax. Even though an overdose on weed is virtually impossible, the hallucinations can cause a person to believe they are experiencing something that needs medical attention.

On the other hand, you also need to be careful where you purchase the cannabis wax from. If the product has too much butane left in the process of making it, inhaling it can prove damaging to your lungs.

There you have it! Cannabis wax can easily become your new favorite weed product if you love a strong THC hit and vivid hallucinations. If it is the first time you are using it, maybe it is a good idea to go easy and don’t overdo it. Maybe just sprinkle a bit on your joint and see where it goes. Bear in mind that it is much stronger than a normal joint and while the effects can be amazing you must be prepared for it. Happy stoning!

Here’s a little video to help you out even further!

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