What Is The Best Weed For Sleep? Top Weed Strains For Insomnia
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What Is The Best Weed For Sleep? Top Weed Strains For Insomnia




Top Weed Strains For Insomnia

The quality and amount of sleep we experience each night greatly affects not just our physical wellbeing, but it has a major impact on the emotional and mental state we are in. Thus it is crucial to be our top priority to get a good night’s sleep every night. However, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, in the U.S. staggering 50-70 millions of adults suffer from any form of insomnia and approximately 3.5 million Canadians have the same problem, and this costs us more than $100 billion per year in medical expenses. Thus, to create more awareness regarding the issue, the AASM has created an Insomnia Awareness Day in March of each year.

Now, while the effects of prolonged insomnia are extremely negative for the overall wellbeing of the people, why would we spend so much money on artificial pills and medicine with tons of side-effects when nature has gifted us with a simple solution: cannabis. Today I am going to discuss about all of the best weed for sleep and what it can do for you when struggling with this worldwide health issue.

The best weed for sleep: How does it work?

Firstly, before going into the strains of the best weed for sleep, I want to clarify the cannabinoids and their exact effects on you, as a person taking weed for insomnia. Namely, two of the most thoroughly studied cannabinoids THC and CBD, when working together (with CBD being dominant) can guarantee a good night sleep. In fact, when CBD is co-administered with THC it is known to regulate sleeping patterns better than any synthetically-derived medication. This is why there are many CBD products out there like capsules and gummies that contain CBD only. However, you should know that not every type of weed can be titled the best weed for sleep. In fact, people make mistakes with strains pretty often and wonder why the euphoric feeling won’t let them sleep. Namely, when a strain predominantly contains THC over CBD, your insomnia condition might even get worse. Especially with a chronic, heavy consumption, and prolonged usages of it, such as the often consumption of THC pills and the like because they can worsen anxiety too.

So, in order not to get confused and wondering in the middle of the night why your bud didn’t help you zone out, I’ve created a list of the best weed for sleep. These are strains with dominant CBD over THC and their main goal is to make you a sleepy head with a relaxed smile on your face. Sounds good? Read on, then.

Strains of the best weed for sleep

Strains of the best weed for sleep

Weed Blunt via Unsplash.

These are our favorite picks of the best weed for sleep. There are plenty of other strains with similar effects, so if you cannot find any of these (highly unlikely) at least make sure for your strain to be more CBD than THC and for its sleepiness and relaxing effects to be closer to the top rather than the happy or euphoric or hunger-inducing effects. This being said, here’s the best weed for sleep:

Tahoe OG Kush

The Tahoe OG Kush is among the best weed for sleep because is known as a godsend for people who cannot sleep. It is heavier than any other OG Kush which is why is recommended as the best weed for sleep. Whether you smoke it or vaporize it, you will get some pretty fast-acting effects that will relax your entire body and brain, making you want to roll under the blankets for a good night sleep. Tahoe isn’t only known as the best weed for sleep, but for anxiety as well because people have reported that it slowed down their racing thoughts whenever they smoked it, giving them a true peace of mind.

A great feature of the Tahoe OG Kush is that it doesn’t produce the well-known hangover the next morning when you wake up. Instead, you rise up restful and happy to start the next day. This strain of the best weed for sleep is indeed the perfect sleep med replacement.

Granddaddy Purple

Besides being named as the best weed for sleep, we have talked about the Granddaddy Purple before as one of the few Indica strains worth trying. The reason why this strain made its way into my best weed for sleep list today is that it’s extremely sedating, and gives you that body melt fairly quickly. Whether you’re using it for insomnia solely or to treat chronic pain too, it will make all the physical troubles go away as well. With the addition to its delicious flavor of grapes and ripe berries, this buddy has definitely earned its spot as the best weed for sleep.

Afghan Kush

Another in the Kush family, this strain is known for its quick but heavy body effects of relaxing and melting into the bed. But insomnia isn’t the only reason this Kush is on the list of the best weed for sleep. The strain also alleviates racing anxious thoughts and overthinking mind that cannot rest chronic pain, and it’s an expert in creating the perfect setting for your ultimate goal: sleeping like a baby.

best weed strains for sleep

Woman sleeping via Unsplash.


  • Edibles last longer. Although smoking some of the stains of the best weed for sleep list affects you faster, eating cannabis will last longer thus help you sleep for a prolonged time. This is especially good if you haven’t had a proper rest in very long.
  • Fresh flowers of cannabis don’t yield the same results as the aged cannabis. This is because the older flowers of the plant have their CBD increased as opposed to THC, so aged makes you fall asleep faster and better. So, when choosing the best weed for sleep, make sure it is older.

If your insomnia still bothers you, or you simply don’t want to smoke weed for insomnia, instead of choosing one of the best weed for sleep, you can simply learn how to use CBD oils properly, in order to get a good night’s sleep.

So, now that we have covered insomnia, what is your reason for smoking weed? Do you prefer TCH dominant strains, or you’d like to try some of these CBDs? Let us know below.

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