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How to get rid of cottonmouth is a question that bothers most of the people who regularly smoke different kinds of cannabis strains. Up until recently, no one was exactly sure how weed is able to produce the cottonmouth feeling, let alone know how to get rid of cottonmouth. Along with the dryness of the mouth, a sore throat also appears and it really isn’t pleasant when you are trying to have a good time with your friends and laugh to some weed-induced humor.

Fortunately, scientists have been able to have a breakthrough in the cottonmouth feeling and the exact causes of it by weed. Here is how to get rid of cottonmouth effectively and enjoy different strains like never before.

What is cottonmouth exactly?

Dry mouth or cottonmouth is that unpleasant feeling of dryness when smoking weed. Due to the lack of explanation or remedy, people have accepted this condition and tried to fix it by drinking plenty of liquids or eating some food (hopefully some tasty edibles).

The science behind the dry mouth feeling from smoking weed started to shed a new light in 2006. Since then it is known that the cannabinoids of weed affect the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and the saliva-producing abilities. Namely, the dryness isn’t only from the smoke but also by how marijuana’s cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system in the brain.

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Namely, this system is full of cannabinoid receptors, mostly found in the brain, but also located all over your body. The cannabinoids found in cannabis are able to be recognized by your endocannabinoid system thus activated, which is why we recognize marijuana when smoking and also it’s the reason why we are able to treat many illnesses through its usage. As you might have guessed it, the saliva production is also among the processes affected by these cannabinoids.

The appearance of the saliva in your mouth is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This system is also known as the rest and digest system. The salivary glands are induced by the nerve impulses sent by the brain. They are able to stimulate saliva production without us even thinking about the production because it all subconscious affected. Just think about some tasty food or something as bitter as lemon and you immediately get your salivary glands to produce saliva in your mouth.

The twist with the weed is that it affects the cannabinoids receptors found in the salivary glands just under the tongue. Anandamide for instance, which has a similar chemical structure to THC causes decreased saliva production. Anandamide is naturally present in our bodies, however, because of its similarity to THC, the THC of weed is able to bind to the receptors of the submandibular glands and limit them from getting messages from the nervous system that they need to produce more saliva.

Cotton flower

Cotton flower via unsplash.

Simply said, the THC in marijuana is the number one reason why you experience a decreased saliva production in your mouth every time you smoke the plant.

The issue of how to how to get rid of cottonmouth is now much better understood and that enables the researchers to treat it well. It is even possible to find ways how to get rid of cottonmouth which isn’t only weed-induced but also gotten from some other reasons.

Tips on how to get rid of cottonmouth effectively

Now that you know the main cause of cottonmouth from weed, the tips for how to get rid of cottonmouth follow. Namely, many potheads and cannabis enthusiasts find the cottonmouth just a minor side effect that they don’t pay much attention to when smoking. The fun is more important, right? However, when having some heavier sessions it can get pretty unpleasant and drinking gallons of water isn’t going to fix the problem. Even though you should definitely drink more water while smoking because the sole act of smoking gets your body dehydrated, regardless of the dry mouth feeling.

  • Chewing on snacks: Chewing on some snacksconstantly while smoking may well be a great solution on how to get rid of cottonmouth. Chewing is able to relieve the dryness because it induces the saliva production by stimulate the glands and sending direct messages to the brain. If gums aren’t your favorite thing, dried fruits, for instance, something sour like dried pineapple. Sweet edibles are able to help too.
  • Lollipops: Just like the chewing that can induce saliva production, licking a lollipopor a candy can do the same. Especially if you take a sour lollipop or candy, it is an effective solution on how to get rid of cottonmouth. Additionally, speaking of sour, be brave enough and take a lemon to lick. It acts as a great alternative if you dislike candies and lollipops.

Blut weed THC

Weed in a glass container via pexels.

  • Cough drops: If lollipops, candies, and even lemon slices aren’t your thing on how to get rid of cottonmouth, then I have something more effective. Namely, demulcent cough dropsare able to form a coating on your tongue and mouth all over. This moist coating will prevent you from feeling the terrible dry mouth feeling. Maybe it isn’t the same as lemon when it comes to how to get rid of cottonmouth (because lemon induces the saliva production directly) but it is still something that will help you in the dry times.
  • Herbal teas are another solution on how to get rid of cottonmouthand they even have an added effect: they take care of your throat too. You see when you are smoking you dry and irritate your throat too. By doing so, it’s really unpleasant to talk and laugh even several hours after the smoking session. This is why drinking any herbal tea (my therapy of choice is mint tea with some lemon squeezed in it) is your solution on how to get rid of cottonmouth.

The don’ts of cottonmouth

Smoking weed with bong

Smoking weed via unsplash.

There are certain things you should not be doing when looking for ways on how to get rid of cottonmouth. Namely, you may be thinking the dry mouth feeling can be fixed by drinking plenty of liquids. While that is true, there are certain liquids that should be avoided because they will dry out your mouth even more. These beverages are green tea, black tea, and anything with coffee/caffeine in it. Also, when feeling the munchies after the smoking, avoid eating something with a lot of sodium in it, meaning avoid eating salty foods. Cheese and pretzels stay away! This also goes for tobacco and any type of alcoholic drinks.

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