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Lucas Giovannetti



VAPE – Cannabis Kings uses dab quality distillate combined with all natural terpenes to create a pleasant daytime treat that will leave your body buzzing all over. We highly recommend these tips for those steering clear of heady-psychoactive effects: distillate provides a very “clean” and body focused effect that can be deceptively strong. The vape pens come in a variety of strain derived, mixed and tropical fruit flavors. Lots of distillate pens use terpenes, but these blends are like no other.

About CCELL Hardware:

CCELL is a revolution in the electric-cannabis platform. CCELL atomizers are made from a wickless ceramic that delivers unparalleled flavor and allows for a higher feed rate through the device. Die-hard joint smokers have always derided vape pens as being puny little devices that just can’t measure up to the smoke of a fat doobie. The CCELL cartridge delivers billowing clouds of electric cannabis vapor at twice the rate of any previous cartridge technology. This vape pen will leave the stoniest dabbers red-eyed and coughing!


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