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DIY: 5 Weed Tricks to Benefit Your Smoking Experience

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With these weed tricks, you’ll never lose your lighter again.

Sure, you’re high—but are you as high as you could be? Do you know all the weed tricks? Stoners around the world have shared their tips with each other since the first puff and pass. And everyone has their own. Hey, even if these tips don’t all work, you’ll get high trying them.

5 Weed Tricks to Benefit Your Smoking Experience

1. Bong Magnet

With this weed trick, you’ll never lose your bic again. No more fighting over who stole the lighter or where it went. All you have to do is attach a magnet to your bong and like that, your lighter has a place to go! 

2. Pop Rocks

Well, it is pretty self-explanatory. Bongs have been used for years with all sorts of different things. Tequila, vodka, regular water and now pop rocks. When you’re at a good high, throw your mouth a party with pop rocks. Pour them into your water filled bong and begin to listen. 

3. Grind It Up

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If you don’t have a grinder on hand, put a penny into an empty pill bottle. Now, start to shake. This will break up your cannabis. Also, by dropping a coin into your grinder and shaking it, the coin will slide across the screen and push more kief crystals through it. The larger the coin, the better. More kief, more of a high!

4. Meal Planning

Schedule your smokes around meal times. For some, the use of cannabis is key for inducing appetite so make sure to smoke 30 minutes or so before a meal. On the other hand, weed is known to cause serious munchies. So eat first, then smoke. You may be too full to even think of having snacks. 

5. DIY Filter

You know how everyone seems to get you cards for your birthday. Especially when you and your friends are all broke and still paying off student loans. No one actually ever uses or re uses a card. Mostly, you leave it on the shelf for a week, read it couple times for a smile and then throw it away. But now an old birthday card can become a filter. Why throw it away if your gonna use it anyways for your joint. No more ripping up your zig zags just to make one.

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