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How to Make Hash from Kief – Part 2

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How to Make Hash from Kief

Here is part 2 of our “How To” series on making hash from kief. If you missed part 1, check it out here:

 Hash is what you get when you separate trichomes from cannabis. Although most of the trichomes you get will be found on the flowers of the cannabis plants, they can also be sourced from the entire plant in a smaller concentration. These trichomes will then be used for the production of edibles, or even pressed to produce hash. Trichomes were referred to as kief, which is just the swollen crystal formations at the end of the trichomes. In our guide, we will discuss how to make hash from kief.

How to Make Hash from Kief-min

Why make hash?

Hash making is one way through which you can preserve resin for a long time after the harvest of cannabis. Whether in the lab or the kitchen, the making of hash is one activity anyone can get involved with. It could be with modern techniques or the old school method; it is nevertheless a straightforward process.

The Process

If you need to understand how to make hash from kief, it is not a complicated process at all. Anyone can learn how to do it. All that is needed is a glass jar, parchment paper, and kief. Technically, it is possible for you to roll kief around the fingertips and then you get hash. The other alternative is pressing kief, where you put the kief in the corner of a plastic sandwich bag and then squish it with your fingers. In about 10 minutes, you get your hash.

If you desire to make a standard hash slab, just like the types you see in the movies, then you are better off using the following method of making hash from kief.

What You Will Need

  • Kief
  • A Mason Jar
  • Parchment paper
  • Tape and scissors

What to do

Our kief onto the parchment paper

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  1. Pour kief onto the parchment paper and make sure it is molded in a neat shape…typically square or rectangular.
  2. The next thing to do is to fold the parchment paper around the hash tightly in squares. You can also use tape to keep it folded well around the kief. You can then use a pair of scissors to cut off excess parchment paper from around the kief. The reason why you do this is so that the parchment paper can cover every part of the kief. You can then wrap another sheet of parchment paper under the 1st one to act as placement.
  3. The next step is to fill the jar with boiling water and seal the lid.
  4. You can then roll the hot jar containing water across the parchment paper containing your hash. Make sure you apply some pressure on the jar while rolling. You can repeat this process for about 10 minutes.
  5. You then put the parchment paper-covered-hash in the freezer for about an hour to cool it down. This process also makes it easy for the hash to be separated from the paper.
  6. It is now time for you to take the hash out of the parchment paper to enjoy.

Pressing of Hash

Unrefined hash can be pressed into a ball or slabs to create hashish. It can be done in a two-step process: first, you collect the glands, and second, the materials obtained are then compressed to form bricks.

Pressing hash will involve a mixture of force and heat to condense the glands into one solid mass. You can improvise with a hair straightener to do this. The size and shape of the hash derived from this process will depend on the method of pressing.

Making Hash By Hand

The hand pressing method is a convenient way to make hash from kief, and it requires no special equipment, but it will require some considerable amount of energy to get it done. This method is best when high-quality kief is used, as kief that contains some plant matter may prove difficult to form into the hash, and may not stick well.

Rolling kief into a ball

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To hand press, you can heat the kief mildly, then wrap in cellophane and make sure it is well sealed with all the air blown out. You can then wrap the package in many layers of wet newspaper or paper towels. You can warm in a skillet while the heat is on its lowest setting.

Hand Rolling

Hand rolling is one process that usually occurs when a large amount of cannabis buds are handled during harvesting. Usually, kief will stick to your hands, forming a black layer of resin. Once you have a decent amount of the substance, you can rub your hands to make a small sphere of the hash.

You don’t need any specific amount of kief to get this done. The more kief you compress and roll, the more hash you will be able to collect.

How does hash look?

Golden hash

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Hash ranges in its pliability and color: The color is influenced by the manufacturing method, the marijuana variety, purity of kief, and temperature. The color ranges from charcoal black to yellow-tan, while the texture ranges from hard and brittle to pliable taffy.

Although with time, the hash changes color due to oxidation; exposure to oxygen, heat, and light. Irrespective of the texture, a quality hash will soften with the warmth of your hand.

Storing Hash

Storing hash in the freezer

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Once you have made your hash out of kief, you can store for many months or even years with little or no sign of deterioration to the flavor and potency. The best place to store hash is a frost-free freezer.

You can use silicone, glass or metal containers to store your hash. Try as much as possible to avoid storing hash with rubber or plastic as the terpenes can interact with plastic, thereby degrading the container and the mixture.

With time, the outer layer of the hash loses potency after undergoing oxidation, b it the inner part will remain potent due to less exposure to oxygen and light. Remember that heat, light, moisture, as well as oxygen, oxidizes the outer part of the hash, thereby destroying the potency.


Understanding how to make hash from kief should not be an issue after going through this guide. Anyone can do it, and it can either be hand-pressed or done with some simple tools, found around the house.

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