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Dear Marley – How To Make Hash Oil

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Marley Higher Mentality

How To Make Hash Oil

Do you know how to make hash oil? I’ve never been the biggest DIY kinda gal but I was thinking about giving it a try. I really want to learn how to make hash oil. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in a month or so and knowing him, he’d love this more than anything I could possibly find in a store. It also lines up well with his recent transition from smoking lots of weed to getting his feet wet in hash.

Last year, I bought him the Back To The Future Blu-ray box set and he liked it, but not as much as the homemade card that came with it. Not to mention, the card included a pre-rolled joint. Yes, we’ve watched all three movies more than once since then, but the card was the real home run.

Marley, can you tell me how to make hash oil? I really want to make this special for him and I know he’ll be happiest if it’s something I put time and thought into as opposed to money. Any guidance would be appreciated!


Dear DIY Hash Gal,

Thanks for reaching out – you single?

Sorry, but you sound like the greatest girlfriend ever. How to make hash oil, huh? How to make hash oil… Well, for one, I’d hardly call myself an expert, but I’ve made my own hash oil more than a few times over the years and you’ll be happy to know that a flux capacitor is not required. See that? A little Back to the Future reference just for you. We’d make a great team, you and I.

In addition to making your weed more potent, hash oil is a great way to re-purpose less than desirable weed (remember, it doesn’t go bad).

Here’s how to remind your boyfriend that you’re the DeLorean DMC-12 of girlfriends:

What you’ll need:

  • Approximately 10 grams of dried, ground weed
  • Funnel
  • Spoon
  • Everclear 95% pure grain alcohol
  • Flameless hot eye
  • Clean blade
  • Coffee filters
  • 2 kitchen sink strainers
  • Measuring cup
  • Glass jar

1) Ensure that your glass jar safely positioned under the strainer, a filter and the funnel

2) Combine the marijuana with the alcohol in the measuring cup

3) Mix together for a solid 3 minutes and then pour through the strainer and into the jar. Ditch the plant residue

4) Remember high school chemistry class when you questioned when the “nonsense” you were learning would come in handy in your adult life. This is it. Carefully evaporate the alcohol

5) Remove the hash oil into a container of your choosing. Based on the little I know about you, you’ll probably turn that container into an arts and crafts project to really blow him away

Now on top of knowing how to make a man feel special, you know how to make hash oil.

Sincerely, Marley

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