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Dear Marley – Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Higher Mentality Staff



Marley Higher Mentality

Marley, why does weed make you hungry? Can you help me understand why that within 15 seconds of resting my joint in my ashtray, I find myself walking to the kitchen like a zombie possessed and on the prowl for food? Why does weed make you hungry? At first it was fun, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m not even enjoying the food as much as I NEED the food.
I enjoy my munchie trips to the gas station, but I’ve noticed that I’m flat out unreasonable with my purchases when I’m high. Here’s an example of two trips for munchies:

Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Sober Trip: 1 Mars bar, a small bag of chips and an iced tea

High Trip: 1 “shareable” size bag if m&m’s, large bag of chips, Twizzlers, a stale muffin and a 2L bottle of pop

Marley, what happens to my brain AND my stomach when I’m elevated? Why does weed make me so hungry?! There MUST be an explanation for this.
Thanks in advance!




Dear Munchies For Days,

Why does weed make you hungry? There’s actually a very good reason for that. Before I answer that, can we address your questionable munchie selection? Where are the Skittles? No ice cream or Oreos? You must have accidentally left Rice Krispies treats off your lists, right? Not to further question your choices but… Mars bar? Unless it’s deep-fried, you’re way off base. Are you sure it’s the weed that’s making you hungry and not a voice in your head convincing you to buy questionable snacks? I’m sorry. I just take munchies very seriously and you’ve hit a nerve.
In terms of why weed makes you hungry, it’s rather simple. Typically, when you have had a sufficient amount of food, your brain and body send signals to each other. In doing so, you get the memo that it’s time to stop eating. Our good friend weed creates a bit of a roadblock between your body and brain.

“But Marley, why does my brain tell me I need a Mars bar and not avocado toast?”

There’s a reason why you crave fatty foods that are high in calories and not ones that are considerably less unhealthy. When your brain tricks your body into thinking it’s starving for food, it craves something that will have an immediate impact. Unfortunately, Twinkies have a higher impact than a cucumber.
In terms of the chemical reasoning behind the phenomenon of why weed makes you hungry, like always, it comes down to the cannabinoids. These chemical compounds found in weed are produced naturally in your body as well in the form of endocannabinoids. Because these are responsible for the signals that let you know if you’re hungry or full, the cannabinoids create conflict. You essentially become unregulated as the THC ignites your endocannabinoids, which in turn releases hormones that trigger your trips to the gas station to buy sub-par snacks. SUB. PAR. SNACKS.
Here’s what you’re getting the next time you mosey on over to the corner store after you get high:
  • 1 pint Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked
  • 1 can Pringles BBQ
  • pancake mix (don’t ask questions)
  • 1 regular sized bag of Skittles
  • 1 small bag of roasted cashews
You’re welcome.

Sincerely, Marley

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