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Dry sift hash: How Does It Relate to Cannabis?




Dry sift hash
A batch of dry sift kief from a Resinator. (Courtesy of The Original Resinator)

Dry sift hash just like kief is a form of a hash. You may be wondering how it got its name and why dry. Well, dry sift hash is named after the process used to transform hash into sift, and trust me when I say, it’s truly a hands-on, craft’s main method. Namely, the dry sift hash is basically a concentrate of cannabis that mostly contains trichome glands from cured cannabis. It is created through the accumulation of these, and weed crafters who make it will tell you that is the least expensive type of concentrate to produce. However, it sure is one of the toughest ones. No worries though, once you learn it and get used to it, it’ll be a breeze. Now let’s see exactly what dry sift hash is, how the process of making it goes and lastly, the most important part, how to smoke dry sift hash.

The story of dry sift hash

Dry sift hash is made by sifting dried marijuana matter through screens that vary in size. In order to choose the screens you need to know how large or small the trichomes of the plant are. But we will get to that later. Now, as said, the dry sift hash is a concentrate made up of trichome glands, very distinct from other weed-based products for its soft-sand texture and appearance. Experts say it’s wrong to categorize dry sift hash into cannabis extracts simply because the trichome glands that make up dry sift are mechanically removed from the plant material without the use of solvents. Just like with any other weed-based product, there are categories of quality regarding the process it is made through and, of course, the weed that comes from. After getting yourself familiar with many dry sift types, you will be able to tell the difference between them. For instance, the high-quality dry sift is appreciated for its artisanal process and revered for its terpene profile, potency, and its ability to melt and vaporize completely. Now let’s see how dry sift hash is made in the first place.

How to make dry sift hash?

Making dry sift hash

Making dry sift hash via leafly.

When made at home, people use the old and very well-known technique of hand-sifting and sieving plant material over a screen. On the other hand, the commercial production of dry sift hash is being simplified sped up by using vibratory sieves in order to process industrial amounts of cannabis. However, we will hold on to the homemade version for now, because aren’t homemade products always way better and more appreciated?

Going back to the in-home dry sift technique, as I mentioned before, you will need sifting screens with extremely fine mesh to hand-sift the dried flowers or trim. This will help you remove the resinous glands and refine the “extract” into a granular consistency. Dry sift hash makers continuously and intensely hand-rub dried cannabis buds or sugar trim across screens in order to extract the matter they need. This continuous agitation of the plant and friction helps to separate the delicate trichome glands and stalks from the flower. And this is when the screens come into play. It’s really important to choose tightly-woven screens that will allow only the finest particles to pass through. Remember, the finer the dry sift hash is, the higher quality it categorizes as. Then, after repeated sifting and collecting of this powder-like kief through a series of screens with increasingly finer micron ratings, you got yourself a potent powder ready to enjoy.

More about the making of…

Now, the process sure seems a bit demanding, but fortunately, there is a plethora of methods and tricks to make the sifting process easier. First of all, you need to be in a room with cold temperature where the sifting takes place. This is because cold temperature helps you in the preserving of the final dry sift stable instead of melting as you are meticulously rubbing the plant matter. Otherwise, if you are in a warmer room and your hands and warm it’ll result in your sifted matter becoming sticky and oily. By keeping it from melting you are also ensuring that it separates from any impurities that find their way through the screens. Another thing why colder is preferred is because it makes the trichomes more brittle and allows them to break off from the plant much easier.

How to use dry sift hash?

Dry sift hash is one versatile weed-based products. This is due to its powdery form enabling you to use it however you like. For instance, most people enjoy pressing the powder into a mini slab and dab it just like the weed wax. But the best part when it comes to dabbing is that you feel the whole flavor without diluting it in any. You can also mix it with your normal cannabis buds in a blunt or with tobacco for an extra kick.

Dry sift hash is a versatile cannabis-based product made by sifting the plant. It makes an excellent addition to any joint and is best when made at home.

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