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How To Make Hashish Like a Pro




How To Make Hashish

How is hashish made should be known by all who like using high-quality hashish, because nothing is better than the homemade, right? If you agree, then you’re on the right spot, as today we are talking about how to make hashish in the most efficient way possible. And the reason why it’s better for you to perfect the way how is hashish made at home is that you know what goes into it and you control the quality and quantity as well. Also, the good thing is that you cannot make a mistake. Sure, practice makes it perfect, but even from day one, you’ll be able to get some hashish out of your buds. Also, trust me when I say the process of how to make hashish is easy to master, so let’s get down to business:

What is hashish?

If you want to learn how is hashish made, and how to make hashish yourself in your home, first you should know what it is. By understanding the compound it’s easier for you to learn the entire process better. This being said, hashish is the more potent part taken from cannabis that has strong psychoactive effects on the human body and brain. Hash is in a way distilled cannabis. And when you ask how is hashish made next time, just think of it as the good sticky stuff from your cannabis on its own.

Bear in mind that just like not all cannabis strains are the same, hash differs from one another in many ways. For instance, some of the hash types are made with solvents during the process of isolation that may still remain in the final product. And this is something you wouldn’t want to consume in any way. Furthermore, BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is another example of hash that contains high levels of butane. On the other hand, if the hash is made correctly, no solvents of any kind should be left in the final product.

How is hashish made

When learning how to make hashish you should know that this psychoactive drug is isolated from the resin glands of your cannabis buds. Note that it’s the female (pistillate) cannabis plant we are talking about here. When discussing how is hashish made, experts explain the process by saying that it’s simply an isolated (this concentrated) THC-containing product. Or hashish is made through isolation of the resin glands of the pot.

When you first encounter this info it may sound complicated, because after all, how can you isolate anything without the right equipment? Well, with dry ice, no other tools are needed in order to produce your very own hashish. In fact, if you ask any experienced hash producer out there how is hashish made, I’m sure they tell you all about how to make hashish with dry ice only as if there’s no other method.

How is hashish made with dry ice any different?

The process of making hashish should be divided into two parts. The resin collection and the resin preparation. As I said, now all hash is the same in terms of the way it’s made, but they all do get pretty close by quality. Besides the dry ice hash, I’ve already covered the making of bubble hash which produces the similar-quality hash. But first, they all isolate the resin glands, and then the difference between them lies in the way they extract the resin off the plant and how they form the hash at the end. This being said, using the aforementioned way of making hash – the dry ice extraction – leaves you with the resin only, and nothing else, because the dry ice on its own doesn’t dissolve into any other chemicals. The great thing about the dry ice technique is that you freeze the resin with CO2 but then the ice turns into gas preventing your plant from getting wet. That means no drying of it later, no buckets, no water, no any other equipment except for the caution you should take when handling the dry ice.

Namely, when talking about how to make hashish and weighing the pros of each method, here are the advantages of using dry ice for the hashish production:

  • Faster than any other method
  • Very simple and easy
  • No other tools or equipment needed
  • It’s about how to make hashish with the best quality out there in the shortest amount of time and effort.
  • The fact that there’s no moisture involved, means that you can readily use the hashish right after it’s isolated from the plant.

How to make hashish using dry ice?

dry ice hash

Image via Youtube

The ingredients that will make the entire process of how is hashish made easier are as follows:

  • 1 clean (sanitized) 5-gallon bucket
  • Cannabis buds
  • 3lbs of dry ice (this is enough for 5-6oz of cannabis
  • Bubble bags of 73, 160, or 220.
  • Thick gloves (heavy duty ones, not the latex-gloved)
  • Scraping tool paint scraper (unused) or a credit card

Staying safe

Dry ice is fairly safe to use. It only has a problem that has extremely low temperature and whatever it touches it turns it into a gas directly. Here are some of the tips on how to make hashish in the safest way possible:

  • Make sure you do the hash producing process in a well-ventilated area. This is because the dry ice turns into CO2 and too much of it in the room isn’t good.
  • Keep your dry ice away from an airtight container.
  • Avoid direct contact with your skin and dry ice
  • At the end of the process of how to make hashish, make sure you dispose of the dry ice well. Keep in mind that if you put it down your sink or toilet it will freeze your pipes and you’ll be left with a big repair bill. Simply leave it outside and it’ll turn into gas and evaporate.

A step-by-step guide on how is hashish made with a dry ice tool

What is basically needed for this is a bag full of cannabis and you can have fun. Here are the steps:

  • Grind up cannabis and dump it with the dry ice in the bucket of 5 gallons I mentioned earlier.
  • Take a bubble bag and fit it over the bucket. Shake it for 4-5 minutes to break off the resins from the cannabis.
  • Empty all the contents into a hash bag.
  • Shake the bag over the surface that you want to collect your hash from. This will sift the raisin and keep on shaking until you no longer see any resins left.
  • Use the credit card (scraper) to collect your resin and store it in a container.
  • Again place the cannabis and dry ice back in the bucket and repeat the entire process with a larger bag. And then you will produce several kinds of different hash.

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