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How Long Does A Marijuana High Last? We Found Out!




How Long Does A Marijuana High Last

How long does a marijuana high last is the question that people ask when planning to try weed for the first time? Or are you simply trying to plan your day and see if you can sneak a little happy time in between? People usually want to know how long does a marijuana high last because no matter how experienced you are, you cannot always predict its effects on you, so it’s good to prepare and know what to expect.

Just like an expensive wine, or a particular taste of food, the enjoyment of marijuana’s mind-altering characteristics needs an acquired taste. And once you work your way up to the enjoyment of its high (and being able to function pretty well with it in your day to day life), how long does a marijuana high last won’t matter to you as much because you already know how to control it. Here we’re going to talk about how long does a marijuana high last, its effects on you, what are the things that affect its effect and how will it make you feel once it wears off.

How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

Just like any experience in life in general, the answer to how long does a marijuana high last lies in its individual use, depending on the type of usage, the mood you’re in at the moment, and even what you are beforehand. However, there are also factors that are unified for all and you can hardly ever change or avoid them. These, you’ll find later in this text.

Now, if you’re trying weed for the first time and ask someone how long does a marijuana high last, and they try to convince you it’s forever, or that this is your brain on drugs, that’s incorrect. No matter how inexperienced you are, it lasts for maximum 6 to 7 hours, although this is generalized, no one has experienced a longer high than that.

One thing that’s experienced which is a positive after-effect is the so-called marijuana afterglow. People report it leaves them in a very positive marijuana hangover where it’s now about how long does a marijuana high last anymore, but it’s about feeling those positive, uplifting sensations without the groggy effects. This can last longer than those 6 hours of high I mentioned, and the reason behind the marijuana afterglow is the fact that your body is still processing the remaining bits of the THC chemicals, or if trying for the first time, then it’s about the mental adjustment of your body and brain to the sensations caused by weed that it has never had felt before. So if you experience the afterglow you don’t have to worry about how long does a marijuana high last, because this feeling is weaker and can be controlled.

Why Care About The Marijuana High?

High time care


If you need to drive while high, don’t worry, let it pass a bit and then you are free to do so, however, make sure you take caution if you haven’t done it before. Another reason to care is if you’re planning your evening and want to know how long does a marijuana high last because you have a concert to attend and want to experience its peak effects after your favorite band begins to be able to enjoy their performance more. Or, a very common reason why people want to know how long does a marijuana high last is the medicinal usage. If you don’t want it to compromise your productivity but still need to take your cannabis treatment, knowing how long does a marijuana high last and what you can expect once it’s gone is surely highly useful in order to have an enjoyable weed session. As you can see, there are all kinds of different reasons to wonder how long does a marijuana high last, and while there are multiple reasons, one thing is for sure, timing, as the saying goes, is everything.

Worried About How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

Once that high gets you, there’s nothing you can do but to let it pass in the most relaxing way possible without panicking, and especially without googling how long does a marijuana high last! Try to enjoy it because fortunately, its acute effects of your inhaled bud aren’t going to be there for long.

On the other hand, edibles are another story. The weed-infused products and food you can make at home are very different than inhaling weed. You see, the effects of edibles are different simply because they go through your digestive tract and it takes time for the food to be digested enough to go into your blood and eventually make you high. Inhaling it takes it straight through your lungs to the blood with the oxygen inhaled at the same time. However, marijuana-infused food gives you a high that lasts much longer without experiencing the big changes of high and low when it eventually leaves. It’s all much better controlled.

How Long Does A Marijuana High Last: The Real Factors

Marijuana High Time


Now that we have talked about the effects and the reasons why you may be worried about how long does a marijuana high last, it’s time to mention those real factors that closely affect the type of marijuana high and its duration.

The form of the THC

How you consume your weed is the number one factor that attributes to your high. How long does a marijuana high last varies whether you smoke, eat, vape, take THC pills, or apply the weed topically. Note that topically applied, weed gives you a nice sensation, all the healing benefits of the cannabis, but without the mind-altering effects.

The quantity of the THC

The quantity of the weed you consume is logically connected to how long does a marijuana high last. The more you take – in any form – the more it affects you, and the longer it lasts. If starting out, begin with small amounts working your way up to larger doses.

The quality of the weed

Quality is one of the major contributors to the high sensations one will feel. Firstly make sure your suppliers are reliable and have good stuff, but also choose the method wisely. For instance, inhaling THC isn’t going to be as effective when smoking from a joint, but it sure will be if you’re vaping the weed or eating it, because you’re taking it all in.


Lastly when talking about how long does a marijuana high last, taking your type of metabolism into consideration is another major contributing factor. Each person is different because each organism metabolizes external substances and chemicals differently. If you’re among the (lucky) ones whose body processes THC and other chemicals rather slowly, you will experience the high longer, and vice versa.

Bottom line is that you have to experiment and see how long does a marijuana high last because those 6 hours are just a generalized frame. All in all, once you learn how to take control of the feeling, it can be very pleasant and rewarding.

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