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Hashish Butter? What Can You Make and Bake With it




Hashish Butter

What is hashish butter?

Hashish butter is one of the most popular products of cannabis people like consuming in today’s world of all kinds of edibles. Namely, this is a hashish-infused butter that gets you baked each time, and it’s much stronger than your regular cannabutter because it uses a concentrated hash instead of whole cannabis. And the reason why people love consuming hashish butter over anything else is that it can easily be part of many homemade tasty dishes, it gets you high efficiency, and it’s fairly easy to make.

Can’t think of ways to put to use your hashish butter yet? Here are some of the most awesome ideas of hashish butter-infused goodies. Enjoy!

How to get the most out of your edibles?

Hashish butter breakfast

Breakfast on the table via Unsplash.

Truly, the secret to any awesomely delicious type of edible is to have the right hashish butter. Yes, sugar and spice and everything nice are important, but they aren’t called edibles for no reason. They require hashish butter, and a good one. Assuming that you have already made your delicious hashish butter and it’s waiting impatiently in the fridge for you to use it, I have set up a list of the most delicious foods it can be used with. Because there’s only so many times a person can eat hash brownies before they get sick of chocolate. So here’s a little bit of welcomed change into your hashish kitchen.

How to make hashish butter?

If by any chance you don’t know how to make your very own hashish butter, and you’re here to try for the first time, here’s a video I’d like you to use. Following the steps is as easy as lighting up a bud and it guarantees you deliciousness coming your way.

Hashish Butter Burgers

What’s better than combating your munchies with hashish butter burgers? A potent and delicious dish that will fill your belly up but also prolong the high feeling you’re experiencing from smoking pot. The stoner-friendly burgers made with hashish butter can be easily prepared and you don’t even need a recipe for them. You can put your hashish butter on the bun in-between the meat and the veggies or anywhere you see suitable. And, of course, anywhere your regular burger recipe requires regular oil, you use hashish butter. This will make your burgers super burgers. Make sure you include a lot of spicy and salty spices with it not to be blunt or over dominate the taste of the burgers.

Hash Pasta

Pasta is a dish loved by everyone and anyone and it’s a totally a stoner-friendly meal. One way to make a nice creamy, soothing pasta that will act like a comfort food making you euphoric is by including hashish butter to it. Take any pasta recipe and while it’s hot put hashish butter to melt inside. Additionally, you can use hashish butter in the sauce you are using. If that “green” taste of the hash is a bit too much for you, feel free to add sour cream or yogurt to balance the aroma. If you are an Italian food lover and a stoner, this is a match made in heaven for you.

Hash-topped Potatoes

Baked potatoes just got baked… with some hash. Put your potatoes to roast in the oven, place a small piece of hashish butter on each one, top it with your favorite spices and your hash potatoes are ready to go… in your munchies’ belly.

Hashed Coffee

Hash-infused coffee has never been easier to make. The famously known double Dutch has nothing on you now when preparing your hashed coffee. Besides some other drinkable “edibles” you can prepare with hash, this coffee will take your morning routine to a completely new level. One cup of coffee requires a simple tsp. of hashish butter. It’ll get you high in a much more controllable way that you’ll enjoy quite a lot, I guarantee.

Hashish Pie

Does chicken pie take you back to pleasant childhood memories? Well, now you can make one and when it comes to daydreaming about your childhood, the hashish butter will help you mind-travel wherever you want.

Cake Hash Pops

Cake pops are the next best thing when it comes to sweets and chocolate. However, hash-infused cake pops are a much better option for any time of the day. If you have tried cannabis-infused cake pops, now’s your time to step up the game and try something more potent, the hash-infused cake pops. Just swap the regular cannabutter for hashish butter and you are good to go or fly, it’s up to you.

Hashed Nachos

Judging by everyone’s reaction around me, I now know that nachos are the go-to food when munchies attack. However, imagine hashish butter-infused nachos with some cannabis cocktail as the perfect afternoon snack.

I’d suggest including the butter in the dips as well because it will give you a nicely combined flavor overall instead of tasting the butter on your nachos only.

Hashish Pot Popcorn

One thing that isn’t always required by the munchies in your stomach after smoking but sure is while watching a movie, is popcorn. These white snowflakes of euphoria enriched with hashish butter will be the perfect addition to any movie date or a hangout with your friends. You don’t have to be high, the potent popcorn will help you get there pretty quickly. Honestly, the hashish pops are my go-to food that’s effective and creative enough but also doesn’t require too much work when I have people coming over.

Bottom line

Cannabis buds

Cannabis buds via Unsplash.

Now that you know some insanely easy recipes that you can enrich with hash butter, you are free to go and brag about it as much as you want. Because these are all insanely good with insanely great effect. If making your own edibles, here are the mistakes you should avoid doing. Let us know if you are trying hashish butter for the first time, or you came for recipe ideas. If so, what was your personal favorite?

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