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Is Smoking Cannabis a Turn-Off or Turn-On for Potential Partners? Here’s my #HighOpinion




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Do you give a sh*t if someone is turned off that you smoke cannabis? Some people are so caught up in the “stoner image” of someone ripping bongs all day, locked in a room getting high to Bob Marley’s music. Many would say that being a “Stoner” is associated with being dirty, sluggish and lazy. Nah, smoking cannabis is more than just smoking a plant; it’s a lifestyle…it’s an experience…it’s medicine provided by Mother Nature that heals millions of people daily. If someone you would potentially like to date judges you for smoking cannabis, there are two options: either provide them with some insight into the benefits of cannabis and your reasonings behind smoking…or kick them to the curb!

Smoking cannabis is more than looking cool for aesthetics. Whether someone claims that they are smoking for recreational or medicinal purposes, we all consume mary jane for a reason. To relax, relieve our anxieties and frustrations from life, taking a break to reflect, to ease physical/mental pain naturally through soothing indica strains to pass out on cloud nine.


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Smoking cannabis with your partner is lit! Instead of just Netflix and “chilling”, let’s get high as f*ck and start meditating to connect with each other spiritually. Let’s start making Rice Krispy edibles at 5 in the morning because we can’t sleep. How about we spice things up, light some sage incense, and massage each other with THC massage oil.

Your babe is feeling stressed? Set up a nice hot bath & drop in some CBD bath bombs to relax, while they’re soaking in good vibes.

Need some fresh air? Take a walk at night and find a cool spot to watch the stars twinkle as you light up a fat spliff for you and your boo.

I’ve got quite the imagination huh? I don’t know about y’all, but all of this sounds nice to me! There are so many creative ways to enjoy cannabis products with your partner. Enjoying cannabis with your loved one can invite more intimacy into your relationship while having deep conversations leading to healing, while being your authentic self, especially when it’s done with intention!


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If someone wants to judge you for smoking cannabis and miss out on those dope experiences, that’s not the one, boo! Just like tinder you gotta swipe them to da left like Beyonce! But honestly, if I meet someone that does not use cannabis products, but they’re cool with me burning up some pink kush, that’s fine with me! But knowing myself I would still try to educate them on the benefits of CBD and it’s non-psychoactive medicinal effects.

Anyway, enough about me, what let’s see what some men and women out there feel about cannabis consumption when it comes to dating. Is it a turn-off or turn-on? Read on for their opinions.

Opinions: is smoking weed a turn-on or turn-off

Opinions: is smoking weed a turn-on or turn-off

Opinion: Is smoking weed a turn-on or turn-off

Opinions: Is smoking weed a turn-on or turn-off

Now let’s see some stats:

Chart: What is your relationship with Marijuana


Chart: Could you date someone who uses drugs

What’s your opinion on potential partners smoking cannabis? Do you smoke, but prefer your partner not to? Or are you seeking your dream cannababe to roll up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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