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Cannabis and Music: A Soulful Relationship

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cannabis and music

Ancient Sufis preached it, Hippies dug it, Rappers repeat it like a mantra – cannabis and music are a powerful pairing!

The pairing of cannabis and music truly has become one of the most recommended and ultimate cannabis experiences. The connection actually has a rich history, dating back to the days of jazz and even native heritage. In fact, this rich history continues into the early days of reggae, pop, rapper music and even soul.

And while we may not all have the same taste in music, everyone agrees it’s one of the greatest things to do while smoking a joint!

Why do Cannabis and Music mix?


The most logical and scientific explanation is that marijuana shifts the perception of time. So, this shift allows our brain to detect changes in melodies and rhythms. Essentially, music is the function of time and cannabis affects how we view that time.

According to the book the Altered States of Consciousness, events take longer to occur. The concept is external time slows time while the internal experience continues at the same rate. A McGill professor and psychologist Daniel Levitin hypothesizes that marijuana’s may affect short-term memory. In particular, it may be the reason why music listening experiences are enhanced.  Levitin explains:

“people stoned on pot tend to hear music from note to note.”

Individual notes, rhythms, and melodies seem to resonate with a particular richness. This intensity will arouse senses on a whole new level.

Cannabis Enhances Brain Functionality

cannabis and music

Cannabis is a therapeutic psychoactive and when coupled with music can heighten creativity and focus. via HERB

Enhancing Brain Activity

Studies have shown that the Electroencephalogram (EEG) test reports changing in the brain’s occipital lobe which interpret what you see. Essentially, marijuana will work as a psycho-acoustic enhancer changing the way we perceive ear space in music. In addition, the temporal lobe processes speech and sound to amplify the music you hear. Lastly, the parietal love which coordinates and integrates the sensory experience is energized and the experience is expanded.

The Brains Hippocampal

Depending on what type of strain and the balance of THC to CBD, this will affect the serotonin, dopamine and hippocampal levels. All these manage mood triggers and relaxation. In addition, the cannabinoids may help promote hippocampal neurogenesis or the regrowth of neurons.

Music Aids in Cannabis Relaxation

Many medical and recreationally patients enjoy the benefits of cannabis due to its relaxation abilities. Cannabis and music help to elevate that even more. A high-CBD strain will be an effective treatment for anxiety. With the presence of music, this may help one to hit a more calm state. While some benefit from high-THC strains that increase alertness, allowing them to focus on creating or making music.

Strains for Your Music Needs:

cannabis and music

Bubblegum is a great strain to use with music for its creative and euphoric high. via Leafly

  • Blue Dream: A popular balanced hybrid that is high in THC. This strain produces a euphoric head high and will allow for body relaxation. Popular for artists, this strain increases sensory perception and works to amplify colors and sounds.

  • Bubblegum: Bubblegum goes with pop music, candy, and fun activities. This stain is great for overall happiness and will really make someone want to get up and dance. A balanced hybrid, it is widely popular for its taste and around. However, its have intense creative and energizing effects perfect for going out to a live show or jamming out at home.

  • Green Crack: Festival fans favor Green Crack because it leaves you energetic yet focused throughout the day and night. And festival-goers aren’t just their the food and the high, but the music. In addition, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is high and THC with uplifting and energizing effects. Creator and Musicians have also enjoyed it for its lasting energy perfect for writing and practicing.

Music and Cannabis, the Smooth High

While cannabis is highly effective on its own, adding in music will only benefit the consumer. One of the greatest things about music is it can work with and against the high. So if you want to experience music on another level, cannabis is perfect. However, if you are feeling paranoia or anxiety from smoking, music may just be the perfect calming cure!

Let us know! What’s your favorite song to listen to after consuming cannabis?

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