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Ben Gleib For President! He’s Our Kind of Candidate.




Times have changed! What would have happened if a presidential hopeful tried to go live on YouTube smoking cannabis 10 years ago?


After the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by Donald Trump, advocacy for cannabis legalization is going a notch higher. We have seen celebrities support or oppose the bill across America, but one presidential candidate has taken things to another level.

Ben Gleib is a familiar face in American comedy…and we want to see him become a familiar face in the Oval Office!

On May 13th, 2019, Ben Gleib announced his interest in running for the top office in the United States. This time, it was no joke. Dude was serious!

Is it Possible to Have a President who Advocates for Cannabis?

It is not the first time we’ve seen a presidential candidate advocate for cannabis legalization. During the 1977 presidential elections, Jimmy Carter was for decriminalization of cannabis. He submitted that the penalties for cannabis consumption outweighed the harm. Despite the active advocacy, Carter’s vision did not materialize due to pressure from conservative politicians. However, cannabis use in America reached historically high levels thanks in part to his softer penalties for possession and use of small amounts of cannabis.

Carter’s case might be the most outright in American history for a president advocating for marijuana. However, rumors have it that some founding fathers like George Washington did not only grow but also used cannabis. Although we don’t have any direct support for these claims, we cannot refute them. Therefore, the idea of a stoned president COULD be dated back to Commander-in-chief numero uno.

Today, Ben Gleib joins a new grade of leaders who are for cannabis legalization. Coming in at number 20 among Democrat candidates, according to Federal Election Commission filings, his stand on cannabis is unmistakable. He is a well-known media personality, and he adds spice to the debate. Most of the 2020 candidates are proponents of marijuana legalization for medicinal and recreational purposes, and Bernie Sanders has indicated he was for the decriminalization of cannabis…but Gleib takes it to the next level.

Ben Gleib Active Involvement in Cannabis Debate

When the comedian announced through his Twitter account that he would use cannabis on a live YouTube show hosted by Doug Benson, many did not take him seriously. Doug is a renowned comedian and a cannabis advocate who runs the show, Getting Doug with High. It was a perfect platform to get lifted! Ben said that although most presidential candidates had indicated their support for marijuana legalization, none had taken the bold step of smoking weed during election season. He also stipulated some of the medical benefits associated with smoking cannabis. A post dated back to 2011 shows that Gleib’s stand on cannabis legalization did not start yesterday. On the post, he jokes, “smoking weed is the best way to get invited into somebody’s basement”.

What about a Comedian President?

It seems nice and easy to elect a familiar face encountered several times on TV and social media. Popular TV shows are bountiful fields for nurturing future leaders

Usually, voters are drawn to look for real people they are familiar with and can easily relate to. Although we really can’t classify President Donald J. Trump as a comedian, he was a  certainly a household name.

But, maybe it is possible to have a comedian president. A good case in point is the recent Ukraine presidential election. In the election, a popular comedian was a presidential candidate running against the then-incumbent president Petro Poroshenko. To everyone’s amazement, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy won by a whopping 73% and he is the now the current President of Ukraine. He was elected on April 21, 2019. How that coincided with International Hemp Day, no one can tell. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy played a major role in a Ukrainian comedy TV series. Whether laughter is the best medicine in dealing with the major issues facing the Ukraine, well, the next few years will tell.

Actually, Ben Gleib won’t be the first American comedian and satirist to run for the big office in the USA.  In the past we had the late Patrick Layton Paulsen seek election several times. His first campaign was in 1968. His campaigns were more comedic rather than political, but he was not successful.

Hopefully Gleib has what it takes to keep the population laughing, thinking differently and smokin’ all the way to Election Day!

Donald Trump and Cannabis Legalization

The president signed the 2018 Farm Bill that sought to loosen the stringent measures on possession, use, cultivation, and processing of cannabis and its by-products. Apart from that, during his presidential campaign, when asked if he would crack down on state compliant cannabis businesses, he responded, ““I wouldn’t do that, no … I think it should be up to the states, absolutely.” That shows that President Trump does not want to take a reactive approach in countering marijuana legalization.

So, get it, Gleib!

The fact that most presidential candidates in the 2020 US Presidential election are proponents of cannabis legalization in one form or another speaks volumes. It is a debate that we can no longer ignore.

Ben Gleib for President!

So say we all.

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