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10 Funny Stand-Up Comedy Routines About Weed






Roll up a joint, light it up, and enjoy these timeless comedy moments.

It’s no secret that weed and comedy go together like peanut butter and jelly. I mean, who doesn’t love getting high, kicking back, and enjoying some hilarious stand-up comedy? The only thing that makes watching stand-up while high even better is when the comedians are actually talking about smoking weed on top of it! How inception-y is that?

We scoured the earth (alright, alright; in reality, we spend about an hour on YouTube) to find the very best weed-oriented stand-up comedy. Here’s a collection of some comedy legends (as well as some lesser-known masterminds) who managed to put into words the things most of us can relate to.

  1. Dave Chappelle: In this classic bit, Dave talks about why he prefers to smoke weed with white people (of course Dave Chappelle turns it into a race thing). I mean, who doesn’t love reminiscing while high?!

2. Brian Posehn: Brian shares an interesting story about smoking with some fans after a show, and how that can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes be a bad thing.

3. Doug Benson: If you’re familiar with cannabis comedy, then odds are you know exactly who Doug Benson is. In this classic clip, he analyzes a popular anti-weed ad campaign that aired on television.

For reference, here’s the commercial he’s talking about:

4. Alan Davies: International comedian Alan Davies talks about the effects that marijuana might have on the economy and takes an interesting look at why alcohol is so widely accepted while weed isn’t. Hmm… perhaps he’s onto something here.

5. Louis C.K.: I’m not a parent, so I can’t totally relate to what Louis is talking about. However, I can only imagine how having kids must make you think differently, especially when getting stoned.

“I don’t do drugs. I never do drugs. Never. So that when I do, they’re way more fun.”

6. Bruce Jingles: Bruce shares a bevy of weed-related stories from his life while performing at the world famous Laugh Factory. His relationship with weed goes back to childhood, so there’s no shortage of content here.

7. Robin Williams: Robin Williams was definitely no stranger to drugs and alcohol. In this timeless bit, he digs into the major differences between getting high and getting drunk.

8. Todd Glass: When Todd Glass gets high, he always feels the need to tell everyone around him how high he is. Um, I thought that was everyone? No?

9. Doug Stanhope: Comedian Doug Stanhope explains exactly what we need to do to get support for medicinal marijuana. He might have a cynical, angry outlook on things, but you also can’t say he’s completely wrong.

10. Reggie Watts: This one isn’t so much a stand-up bit as it is a mind-blowing musical performance in honor of 4/20. Reggie has never been shy about his relationship with cannabis, but it’s cool to see him express his love for herb on national television like this.

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