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My Experiences With Shrooms: Epiphanies, Trips and Tears




My Shrooms Experiences - Godsent Epiphanies, Trippy Moments and Soul-Cleansing Tears

When I first heard about the effects of shrooms I was in high school, which is typically around the time when most teens experiment with cannabis, molly, cocaine for the rich kids, hitting poppers, and God knows what else. I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m naturally curious and down to try damn near anything for a thrill. After trying weed, I’ve had my bad trips in the past with getting anxiety (Sativa strains and I are not a vibe) and thinking everyone was talking shit about me on the low.


As I got older I started becoming more spiritually awakened, especially around 2012, I was down to try something new and get more in touch with myself. I remember asking some of the ‘bod breeds’ in my class what it was like doing shrooms, he said dragons were chasing him n’shit.  I’ve heard that scenario from two separate people. Most would be shook, but of course, I was still down to see for myself. After doing some research on people’s experiences online (I’m sure not everyone gets chased by dragons while on shrooms), I hit up my homie downtown to get some of the shroomies to try. 

To avoid exposing his ‘govy’ which most ‘mans’ from Toronto hate, I’ll call him Reiki, because snitches get stitches right? Reiki was a super spiritual Virgo; wise, blunt, handsome, funny, in touch with feminine energy. Some would consider him a ‘woke’ Queen St West hipster in Toronto. He didn’t like me at first because I got lit at his party and started making eggs in his crib at 3 am. He was so pissed, but somehow we became friends after that.  Anyways, let’s get to the juicy part that y’all are waiting for. On a hot summer day in 2013-2014, I traveled downtown to Reiki to chill and try shrooms for the first time. One of the main reasons I chose to try it with Reiki is because I was comfortable with him…he was experienced with psychedelics and he was the PLUG! Duh!

Before I took a bite of the chocolate covered mushrooms, Reiki told me that shrooms make you feel one with life & nature and that it could change your perspective forever. I remember not feeling nervous at all. While awaiting the trip, we were having deep talks while he was getting his hair braided. I remember getting up to go to the bathroom about 30-40mins later, looked in the mirror…my eyes were fucking blue. I called his sister over to see if I was tripping the fuck out?! And ‘Destiny’ said my eyes were blue too! I remember my pupils being dark blue and I was so in awe…

I went back into his living room where we continued talking about life, the past, present, and future. I remember crying, having so many epiphanies about myself, family and the world around me. The good, the bad, the UGLY! The tears felt like thick mucus going down my cheeks; sounds gross AF, but that’s exactly what I could compare it too. After the first time doing shrooms, then the second, then the third, I realized that every time I do it, I just end up crying. It’s like everything that’s been hidden in my subconscious mind gets released and exposed to the point where I HAVE to face whatever issues I did not want to deal with in the past. I remember crying for the world around me, especially in black communities. Around that time there were a lot of police officers shooting black Americans, with little to no justice.

The second time I did shrooms, it was at night in Trinity Bellwoods. If you’re not from Toronto, it’s a huge park downtown where people walk their dogs, play sports, or let’s be real, people go there to chill with their friends, get high AF, and sip a beer in public in peace (police typically don’t bother people there). I did it with this dude that loved taking me on dates, adventures, and accepted me for the goofy girl I am. Let’s call him Guinness because he loved that stout and could barely go a night without one at times… 

Guinness was tall, handsome, dapper, a complete gentlemen…but his soul was so dark at the time. We both had experiences with shrooms, but this time was different for both of us. I hit up the same plug, Reiki, for the shrooms, but this time I didn’t get as high as my friend…

We were sitting at the park on blankets, laying down, staring at the stars, having the deep mentally stimulating conversations that I crave as a sapiosexual. As he was laying down, I was sitting up staring at him as he poured his thoughts and feelings out with pitch-black eyes. As he confessed some of his sins, insecurities, and pain, I noticed a dark force taking over him… Sounds scary AF right? Most people – especially black people like me – would have run the fuck outta there and left him for dead, but I loved him. Accepted him. Unconditionally. I held him, told him what I saw and comforted him. I saw the dark energy leave his body and saw my friend Guinness return to his normal self. The trippy part about it is that he was fully aware that dark energy took over him and recalls some of the things he told me.

I love shrooms because I see it as a drug with spiritual cleansing aspects. I feel like everyone should try it at least once at a proper dosage and really experience it. It doesn’t have to be you being chased by big dragons all night; it could be a time for you to really sit down and reflect on your own life. I remember getting flash visions of my success, what could lead to my demise if I don’t change certain things, how life is simple and us humans complicate things, and how the world could be a dark place if that’s what you focus on. I try to do it every summer at least once a year to give myself that time to reflect and be more in touch with the world we can’t see with the human eye, but we can feel it around us… Anyways, don’t do drugs kids!

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