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Happy Legalization Anniversary, Canada! Here are 5 Ways to Increase Your High.

Pasme Dadoobi



5 ways to increase your high

Let’s face it, you are trying to get absolutely blazed. Here at Higher Mentality we have put together a list of five potential ways for you to get a better high.

1: Eat a Mango

Yes, you read that right. There is some scientific backing that mangos can give you a better high. Mangos contain a compound called myrcene terpenes. This compound can help THC get through the blood-brain barrier quicker; Roughly a 40% cut in time. When smoking, that amount of time begins at seven seconds and is reduced to four seconds. 

This claim however is mainly supported by bloggers. So, not the most scientific of claims. The basic principle is that you should eat a mango roughly an hour before smoking. Many claim that they get a more euphoric high. Others state that eating a mango beforehand stops them from getting the munchies. The amount of mangos, and when you should eat them can all depend on a person’s body type and how fast someone metabolizes their food. If you are interested, then stock up on mangos and begin experimenting for yourself. You could even try ingesting them at the same time through a smoothie.

2: Cut your weed don’t grind it

Now this may be more of a conspiracy than anything. However, many people believe that by grinding your weed, you grind sources of resin off the bud. This can potentially make your bowl/joint less potent. It is recommended by some to use sharp scissors to cut your bud into fine pieces. This can be more time consuming, and your high might only be moderately better. Cutting your bud will never be as fine as a nicely packed kief bowl, so for some, grinders might still be your thing.

3: Smoke post-workout

Many people have reported feeling an increased high if they smoked post-workout. Picture he mixture of a runner’s high and a weed high.

Another benefit is that it can relax your muscles after a hard workout. The most common treatment for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDS). Chronic use of this drug has many risks involved. CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory and also possesses pain-killing properties. Companies like Biosteel are currently in the process of making CBD infused sports drinks.

4: Store your weed properly

Many people don’t bother getting a proper storage container for their weed. For those that still need to hide their marijuana use, at least you have an excuse. Not storing your weed properly can ruin your weeds potency. Plastic containers can conduct electricity which will fry the THC-rich trichomes on your flowers. Glass or steel jars are recommended. Choosing the right Stash container can be difficult, so here is a link for you to upgrade your marijuana lifestyle 

5: Roll your joints properly

When rolled properly, your joint will burn evenly. Rolling a proper joint may take a little bit longer, but when done right, a good joint can light up your night. Make sure that you remove all stems or seeds, and grind (or cut…remember?) your weed as finely as possible. You can easily learn to roll a joint online. Some people may not have been born with world class rolling hands. Some other options include buying pre-rolled joints, or buying pre-rolled cones. Pre-rolls can be purchased in a wide variety of strains. One of the pros of legal cannabis…providing consumers with benefits their old guy on the corner never did.

Happy blazing!

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