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Dear Marley – Are Shrooms Safe?

Higher Mentality Staff



are shrooms safe

Are shrooms safe? You know, magic mushrooms?


My older sister has been smoking weed since I can remember but only recently has she started eating shrooms. Are shrooms safe? I’m asking for two reasons. Firstly, I’m worried she’s been eating too many magic mushrooms and secondly, she absolutely insists that I try a small dose with her.

Shroom Hype Train

Weed is literally the only “drug” I’ve ever had, and I think that’s mostly because I’m afraid to try other stuff for safety reasons. She’s been hyping up shrooms for a few years and the way she describes the high and overall experience sound fascinating. Are shrooms safe though? Do I need to be concerned?

I guess I should define the word safe for you in this context. I’m concerned about two things; that I’ll disconnect from myself to the point of no longer being in control and that the shrooms I ingest will make me physically ill. I think these concerns are pretty legit, no? Are shrooms safe or should I stay away?

I Really Want to Try Some

Despite my hesitation and fears, I’m leaning toward trying some with her. She’s described her experiences on shrooms as life-changing and incredibly enlightening. Oh, also, transformative. She was on one life path before she ate shrooms and pivoted to another following her second trip.

I’ve read that shrooms tap into parts of your brain that are otherwise dormant. Do shrooms pose any health risks to the brain? I’m talking about both permanent damage and short-term risks.

Not to throw her under the bus or anything, but she’s now at a point where she’s taking shrooms like I smoke weed. Not daily, but close. Probably 2-3 times a week now, and I don’t see her slowing down any time soon.

Should I Try?

She’s still alive and kicking and in her own words, thriving, partially due the magic mushrooms. As I write this, my interest level is only rising! But there’s one last piece of the puzzle I’m looking for prior to trying them. I need confirmation that they are in fact safe. So Marley, are shrooms safe? Should I give them a try or stick to my weed? Please tell me – Are shrooms safe?

I know this isn’t really a weed related question, but it seems like many weed consumers have positive things to say about shrooms so I figured your knowledge would be up there.

– Safety Shrooms


can weed kill you

Dear Safety Shrooms,

Shrooms, or psilocybin mushrooms as they are more formally referred as, are not only safe to ingest, but are even considered SAFER than weed. Yes, you read that right. Are shrooms safe? Safer than weed, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey. I love that there is an actual global drug survey. I hope it’s conducted in person and whoever is in charge should be fined for not televising the event.

Don’t feel silly, though. Shrooms have historically been lumped together with heroin and crack for over a half century and as such, have developed a bad image and reputation. I’ve never tried heroin or crack, but I have tried shrooms on more than a few occasions, and I can report that not only are they safe, they are life-changing.

The Safest Drug Around

Some know-it-alls like to refer to weed as a gateway drug. If the gateway leads to shrooms then yes, the gates you’re about to enter may as well be pearly white.

Why are shrooms safe?


One of the biggest issues we face with illicit substances is addiction. Are shrooms addictive? Not even remotely. Oh, and good luck trying to overdose on shrooms. If it takes 240 joints to overdose on weed, you’re probably looking at half a mushroom farm to OD on shrooms. You have less of a chance of ending up in the emergency room from shrooms than any other drug out there. Unless you consider Netflix a drug. In that case, it might still be the least dangerous drug around. Have you seen what binging Last Man Standing does to someone? Not cool.

The Danger Zone

Like anything else, there are always a few things things to consider to ensure safety while consuming drugs. With shrooms, the question shouldn’t be “Are shrooms safe”, but instead, “Have you chosen to purchase the right shrooms from a trustworthy seller?”

Because your sister sounds like a seasoned veteran in the shroom game, you shouldn’t have an issue with this. Let her supply the goods for the first time.

Your Guide

Again, your lovely sister and proud Shrooms Hall of Fame inductee should fill this role. When I first tried shrooms, I was lucky enough to have a good friend and fellow member of the SHoF to guide me through my trip. Your guide is more important than anything, especially when considering safety. Having an experienced and trustworthy guide is the most important factor when debating are shrooms safe.

Your First Trip

Shrooms will allow you to access parts of your brain that otherwise go untapped. This might be scary at first, and if your experience resembles anything like my own, you may or may not spend the first 45 minutes curled up in the fetal position crying over events from decades ago that you didn’t even know mattered so much to you. This sounds bad, but it’s actually good. It’s so, so good. I know it’s hard to take my word for it, but you wrote me because you trust my opinion, so trust me on this one.

My first trip helped me overcome depression. I don’t say that lightly. The shrooms helped me cut through layers of issues and I’m better for it today.

If you’re still questioning are shrooms safe, then pack it up and tell your sister you’ll pass. But if you like being high from weed, you’ll likely enjoy and benefit from the little magic mushrooms. Or you can go binge Tim Allen being a goof. The ball’s in your court.  

Sincerely, Marley

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