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Dear Marley – How Many Mg Of Edibles Should I Eat?

Higher Mentality Staff



how many mg of edibles should i eat

How Many Mg Of Edibles Should I Eat?

My girls and I are heading to Vegas for our friend Megan’s bachelorette party in a few weeks. Most of us will be consuming marijuana in one form or another, how many mg of edibles should I eat?

There’s been a lot of chatter regarding edibles in our email chain. I’ve been smoking weed since high school and consume pretty regularly now as an adult, but I’ve always been hesitant to try edibles for the simple reason that I’m highly uneducated on the topic. I’m sure that anything we purchase at a dispensary will be very good, but how many mg of edibles should I eat?

Veteran Pothead

As a veteran pothead, I feel silly not knowing how many mg of edibles to eat and not only that, but most of the other girls are depending on me for this information.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of cannabis consumers dabbling in edibles for the first time gone wrong. Well not wrong, just not right? You know what I mean! I don’t want to put myself into a weed-induced coma on this trip. While that would definitely be welcome on a trip to the cottage, I just think it would be a waste in Las Vegas. I want everyone who’s looking to try edibles to take a dose that will hit them with the effects without turning the bachelorette party into a 3 day nap. Again, a 3 day nap sounds awesome, but not for this trip. Think you can help me out with this minor dilemma? How many mg of edibles should I eat? And do you have any recommendations for the actual type of edible we want to be consuming?


– Sin City Edibles


how many mg of edibles should i eat

Dear Sin City Edibles,

I’m glad you asked this question. The dosage of edibles you consume is important but there is no right answer that is uniform across the wide range of individuals who ingest them.

The question of ‘How many mg of edibles should I eat?’ is dependent not only on the individual’s physiological state, but on that person’s intent as well. Let me break it down for you:

Vegas, Baby!

Are you going to Vegas? Yaaaaaa! Vegas! I hate Vegas more than I hate the Ellen Show. Forcing me into attending a special live taping of her show in Las Vegas would be cruel and I’d never forgive you for it. I’m just kidding – she does great things, like dancing and also dancing. Why, as a society, do we insist on pretending that she’s even a good dancer? What’s this charade all about anyway? If you like Ellen, I apologize. Not a real apology or anything, just something I typed for the sake of typing.

The last time I visited Sin City, I consumed so many edibles that I did, in fact, slip into one of these comes you speak of. I was awake for most of the 36 hour high, but I got up only to use the washroom and my eyes were rolled into the back of my head for more than half the time. Learn from Marley. Don’t eat a bag of gummies and 3 chocolate bars with large quantities of THC. Your bachelorette party will be less of a party and more of an episode of The Walking Dead. So that’s my first advice – consume less than I did. Like, way, way less.

In terms of the number of edibles you should eat, consider the following.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Everyone is different. Some of us are bigger than others and some of us are smaller than others. Some of us are smaller than others and some of us are bigger than others. What?

One person can eat 50 mg worth of gummies and wonder why they aren’t high, while another can consume 10 mg of a brownie and end up on a flight to Mars. Something else to consider is how sensitive one’s endocannabinoid system is.

Understand CBD and THC Contents

When you get to the dispensary in Vegas, here’s something to ask before purchasing anything you’re going to eat.

“What is the CBD:THC ratio?”

It’s not all about how many mg of edibles you should eat. Ratios are important. If the ratio is relatively even, you’re in good shape. The more the ratio tips in the THC direction, the more likely it’ll be you end up wanting to take long naps. That’s not to say you should go wild on edibles with an even ratio, it just means that the high will be more even-keeled.

Just like strains, all edibles contain different amounts of both THC and CBD and in turn produce varying results. If the ratio is even close to the 4:1 range, you’re not leaving the hotel room. Again, it’s not all about the milligrams, the ratios are key.

Rookie Recommendations

Alright, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. You want to know how many mg of edibles to eat? Start with this:

1-2.5mg of THC. Add CBD if the dispensary has any available. But that’s where you want the THC quantities to be. I know I’ve referenced gummies more than a few times and it’s for good reason. Start with those. Let them sit in your mouth for a little while and suck on them. Don’t treat them like gummy bears you’d pick up at your corner store. I did that once and nothing good came from it. Be slow, gradual and patient. And for the love of the Hamburglar, give it some time before the ever-so common declaration of “BUT I DON’T FEEL ANYTHING!”

Give it an hour or so before stuffing your face with more edibles. This is the most common reason why people overdo it.

Ignored My Advice?

Drink water. Drink lots and lots of water. Become one with H20. Monitoring the mg’s of edibles you eat is essential to having a positive high.

Have fun in Vegas. Don’t let Megan do anything Ellen wouldn’t do.

Sincerely, Marley

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