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Dear Marley – Does THC Cause Memory Loss?

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Marley Higher Mentality

Does THC Cause Memory Loss?

Just curious – Does THC cause memory loss? I’m graduating from university after 4 long years of Netflixing, smoking and studying. It’s finally time to throw on the cap and gown and start pretending to be an adult. Well, minus the cap. My school now charges students $50 to rent one for the day. Not that I have to tell YOU of all people, but that money can go to better and greener things.

My buddies are planning on taking some edibles and hitting our homemade water bottle bong before the ceremony, but I’m on the fence. My worry isn’t that my family, professors or school administrators will smell it on me or see it in my eyes. It’s more that I won’t be able to fully appreciate and remember the moment and the day in general. I heard that THC can cause memory loss. Is this true? Does THC cause memory loss? I mean, I know that my mind gets a little cloudy when I smoke but is there a chance that my memory of the graduation ceremony won’t stick?

I know it’s silly, but I figured if anyone knows the answer, it’s you.



Dear Worried Grass Grad,

Congrats on finding time to study between Netflix and weed; that’s no easy feat. What’s your question again? Does THC cause memory loss? That’s it. Okay, let me explain.

Yes, you should definitely smoke with your buddies if that’s the group plan. The memories you’ll want to hold onto 25 years from now are the times spent with them, including a pre-graduation bong and edible session. If you’re certain that you can handle walking the stage in front of thousands of people and accept your diploma with grace, you’re good.

Also, in case this is your first graduation rodeo, ceremonies can sometimes go 3 or 4 hours. Maybe even 5. Just because you’re high at the start of the ceremony, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll still be high when your name is called. What was your question again? Does THC cause memory loss?

As I’m sure you know, THC is the primary component in marijuana. It’s the element that gives you a feeling of euphoria and seems to affect memory in two ways. THC doesn’t induce a blackout type scenario like alcohol does, but there’s evidence to suggest it’s harder to create new memories while high. Additionally, it can be difficult to remember events while you’re high. That also tends to trickle into the period of the high wearing off. Here’s the catch: If you’re someone who smokes regularly, you may have developed a high enough tolerance to offset memory loss. Again, research on this topic is very new and nothing is conclusive.

For your graduation ceremony, it all comes back to the fact that you likely won’t be high by the time your name is called. Worst case scenario, you may have trouble remembering the commencement speech. Depending on the speaker, that may not be a bad thing after all. Tell your buddies that you’re in. Good luck adulting, Worried Grass Grad.


Sincerely, Marley

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