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Dear Marley – Should I Smoke Weed When I Have A Cold?

Higher Mentality Staff



Marley Higher Mentality

Should I smoke weed when I have a cold? 

I really hope you can help me with this. Should I smoke weed when I have a cold? I’ve been battling this thing for the like, 2 months. It’s so bad that I’ve been told I sound just like Mila Kunis, which would’ve been awesome if I weren’t a 28-year-old man. You know what’s crazy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode of That ’70s Show, only bits and pieces while channel surfing. Speaking of… who knew Dany Masterton was such a garbage person?!

Anyways, a few days into my cold, I rolled a nice little pinner to smoke before bed. Fifteen minutes in and I was having one of the worst high’s of my life!  My head felt like a pressure cooker and it was hard to breathe. I knew something was off when I didn’t even want a snack. I ALWAYS. WANT. A SNACK. I haven’t lit up since and even though I can live without weed, I miss it. I just wish this cold would go away so I can light up without a worry.

Am I alone here or is what I experienced a thing? Should I smoke marijuana when I have a cold? And Marley, do you happen to know of a good doctor who sees patients over Skype?  




Not knowing your full health status, especially relative to your chest and sinuses, I can’t speak directly to your specific case. Also, I’m not a doctor and no, I don’t know of any who see patients over Skype. I highly recommend that you find yourself a qualified ENT doctor, though. By the way, that’s short for ear, nose, and throat, not the fictional little tree characters from The Lord of the Rings.

In terms of the general question; “Should I smoke weed when I have a cold?” the answer is… well, it depends. No two colds are the same so it varies based on severity as well as the individual. And remember, no two strains of marijuana are the same. If you have a stuffy nose, smoking cannabis is a terrible idea. Same applies to a sore throat because smoke is the last thing your throat wants to ingest when it’s already irritated. That’s like drinking a tall glass of milk as you fight the stomach flu.

Hear me out on this – Instead of asking if you should smoke weed when you have a cold, may I suggest you consume some edibles? I’m sure you know of or have even tried cookies and brownies, but they can be a bit intimidating and a hassle to make. Luckily for you, 2018 is a wonderful time to be alive when it comes to marijuana. If you’ve never had weed gummies or a THC-infused chocolate bar, both could be really practical alternatives while you’re fighting that cold of yours.

In spite of logical reasoning, there are people like my late Uncle Pete, who are proof that there is no definitive answer to your question. Not only did he smoke weed when sick with a cold, but he went as far as to brand it “The Cure”. Classic Uncle Pete! Your best bet is to get healthy before you go ahead and plant a kiss on Sweet Mary’s head again. Please consider my edibles recommendation even though it’s not the same. Or you can roll the dice and try a different strain; Uncle Pete would certainly approve.

PS. Season 3, Episode 23 – Canadian Road Trip. If you’re going to watch That ’70s show, that’s where you want to start.

Yours Truly,


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