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5 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh – Things Not to Do!

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6 ways to kill a smoke session

A helpful list of what NOT to do when lighting up!

There are, unfortunately, many different ways one can ruin a perfectly good smoke session. From a badly prepared blunt or joint, overly packed bowls, to downright poor manners, humans always have a knack for spoiling what should be a good thing. In order to help rewire the ‘human factor’ during sessions, check out some of these tips. Hopefully. this will help some newbies out so they don’t end up exiled from the smoking circle!

5 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh

Drop the Grinder


A great way to kill a smoke sesh before it even starts is to knock over a grinder full of weed. Now imagine everyone has contributed to the money and weed. The grinder is full and waiting to be emptied. Then BOOM! – you know it over. As a result, everyone is forced to smoke dirty weed. Hair, floor food, just nasty! Only if it was even dropped somewhere where it can be easily retrieved.

Rolling Bad Joint


A sure way to ruin a session is by rolling a bad joint. There is nothing worse than trying to keep a joint lit. If you aren’t someone who is confident in rolling, find someone else. Get help, learn and be more prepared for next time.  There are several ways a bad joint can ruin a smoke session. It can canoe and burn unevenly, lack of airflow, and always remember to ash!


One of the most unwelcome surprises in a smoke session is putting your lips to a wet blunt. OMGOSH ITS SOOOOO GROSS!! It’s enough to make any germaphobe squirm. There’s no reason to slobber on the blunt. Keep it on the edge of your lips and be conscious of any saliva you may have left behind before passing it to someone without warning them.


Puff Puff… Not Passing!


For a long time “puff, puff and pass” has been a ritual in almost every smoke sesh. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you are bound to ruin any sesh you take part in. Generally, you take two puffs and pass it to the next person unless something else was agreed upon. Taking more than your fair share of hits is one of the greedier ways to kill a smoke sesh. And there is always someone. So don’t be that someone.

Bye Bye Bong


There is nothing worse, ever, then dropping your bong and breaking some piece of it. Whether it’s the whole bong, the smoking piece, the down stem, none of it is great! I am sure every stoner has been there. Little too high, knock into the table, and there goes your beautiful named bong. And there it is in a million pieces on the ground. So be careful when around glasses pieces. And if you clumsy – maybe stick to a joint!

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