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5 Tips That Will Give You Bigger And Smoother Bong Hits

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There’s something just so amazing about taking a big bong. Even better if you take a hit without the need to cough afterward. It’s the small things in life that can be the most satisfying, right? We are bringing you some tips to help avoid hurting your lungs. Here are five ways that you can take bigger and more enjoyable bong hits.

Load Up on Ice

Load your ice catcher with ice and enjoy a nice, smooth, and silky smoke. via Pin Art

A classic stoner go-to, adding plenty of ice can significantly cool even the biggest of hits. This will make your bong hits less harsh on the lungs, allowing a deeper inhale and less irritation. Some bongs come with an ice catcher which makes it perfect for use.

Add Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice helps to keep your bong clean and smells good. via Grasscity

The acidity of the lemon juice will not only prevent the buildup of residue on your glass, but it can also make your milky rips much more enjoyable.

Use an Ash-Catcher

bong hits

Bong percolators are water pipe addition which has the role to clean and cool the smoke before the hit. via Easy Vaporizer

Adding another step of water filtration will make sure your smoke is thoroughly cool. As well, the ash-catcher increases the surface area for a more uniform inhales. The main reason why many people have coughing fits after a bong hit is because of improper filtration.

Re-hydrate your cannabis

Check out this video on how to moisten your weed and bring it back to life.

Take Deep Breaths

Take a deep breath before your toke and you may find it easier to inhale. via Cheat Sheet

A couple big, BIG breaths before you smoke. It will do wonders for the resiliency of your lungs. Your airway will have more lung capacity for when you take that big bong hit. In addition, the increased surface area of your lungs will ensure you absorb the most THC possible.

How to take Bigger Bong Hits?

The origin of the water pipe, bong dates back to Persia, it finds mention in Tobacco in History: The Cultures of Dependence. It was highly popular in the Middle East and worked as a great compound that made socially smoking tobacco fun. If you are into the cannabis culture then you are sure to be bogged down by a perennial concern; How to take bigger bong rips?

● Regulate your Breathing

Now to start with having good control over one’s lungs is important. Before inhaling that big hit, take several deep breaths with the help of your diaphragm. Once your lungs open up more oxygen gets pumped into it, which makes holding in the big rip a lot easier. Post smoking up a dry trickle down the throat often prompts incessant coughing. Keep a mint handy to increase salivation and keep the throat moist.

● Focus on the Bowl Size

If your question is how to take bigger bong hits, then the answer is to opt for a bowl with a smaller size. Unlike bigger bowls, smaller ones do not permit much airflow. In smaller bowls, the smoke is more concentrated which helps the herbs burn better for a long-lasting ‘’high’’. After a big rip, avoids drinking alcohol and take in a few deep breathes or grab some fresh fair.

Fun Fact: Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana in 2013. They also host an event called the Cannabis Cup where people growing marijuana compete with each other. 

● Crush and Pack-up Carefully

The first step towards getting your rip right is crushing up the herb evenly with a herb grinder. When the herb is properly crushed it makes the hit smoother. When you are packing up the herb gently press it down the nozzle on the pot. Over-packing can lead to blocked airflow which will not allow the herb to burn evenly. The trick is you should pack the bottom lighter and towards the top make it denser. So, pack it right because you sure want to smoke herb and not ash. This is how to take bigger bong hits.

Fun Fact: The very first e-commerce deal was a weed deal, back in 1971 students of Stanford University utilized the university’s Arpanet accounts in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to trade weed.

● Load up on Ice

Still wondering how to take bigger bong hits? Your biggest hits can be the hottest ones too. Therefore, an easy solution to your how to take bigger bong rips concern is, ice. Just fill up the pipe with ice. This makes the smoke inhaled less harsh on the lungs. It helps in deep inhalation and lessens irritation. Besides ice, you can also use the glycerine tube. The tube can be stored in the refrigerator without breaking or expanding and helps you in getting cooler rips deep into the session.

Fun Fact: As per popular science cannabis and hops the flower which is used as a flavoring agent in beer bear the same taste and smell. They also belong to the same botanical family named Cannabaceae.

So the next time you are in the loop make sure you breathe deeply to inhale big bong rips.

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