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5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl That Smokes Weed




girl that smokes weed date

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, dating a girl that smokes weed is the best decision you can make.

Not enough can be said about stoner girlfriends. They may miss birthdays, forget your phone number, or leave the Pizza Pops in the oven for too long, but they always make up for it other ways. What are those ways?

Well here are 5 reasons why you should date a girl that smokes weed.

She’s Easy to Buy Gifts For

She loves you, but she also loves weed. You don’t have to get too complicated when it comes to gifts. Go green, and she will be happy.

She has a Munchie Level Appetite

You don’t have to worry about stingy eating at fancy places, munchies will suffice. There’s a good chance that a girl that smokes weed eats more than you.

She’s Down to Smoke Whenever you are

We’ve all been in that relationship where your significant other is weary of your weed smoking. With a girl that smokes weed, you will never have to hide your stoner side.

Your Jokes Are Funnier Around Her

Dating a girl that laughs at your jokes is an amazing feeling. Sometimes a girl that smokes weed will be laughing because she is stoned, sometimes because she loves you, but that’s okay. You will feel important.

She Has Stoner Friends

You smoke weed and you have friends that smoke weed. Odds are, she probably has friends that smoke weed too, which means your friend groups can hang-out without a fuss. Call up the gang, slap on a stoner movie and have a low maintenance night.

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