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Super Blue Dream: The Strain Of Your Dreams




Super Blue dream strain

The Super Blue Dream is a strain that proved you wrong when you said: “It couldn’t get any better” at your favorite strain – whatever that is. Namely, the super blue dream takes hybrid genetics to the next level being the perfect cross between the Blue Dream and the Super Silver Haze. The first one being a taste favorite among many weed lovers, and the send one is known as a highly resinous strain. The end result? You get a delicious appeal of its blue parent strain with an added sativa energy of the second one.

The Super Blue Dream: An overview

The Super Blue Dream can be enjoyed in a wide variety of situations whether you are home alone chilling to some nice weed music, or you are with friends having a deep convo or laughing at some weed-induced humor. Maybe you are using the Super Blue Dream while working or you have your medicinal reasons, whatever the case might be, the Super Blue Dream is there to support you. The reason behind its versatility is the well-balanced high that the Super Blue Dream offers that you can decide to control or simply ease into it and forget about all your worries and problems. It is moderately to highly potent with its THC levels being between 15% and 21% which guarantees a potent, long-lasting high even for the veterans among the smokers in the cannabis world.

What does it look like while growing?

Whether you want to grow it for yourself or just curious, the Super Blue Dream is a true beauty among the cannabis strains. Namely, this strain has flowers which are typically small to medium in size and they grow in tight, popcorn-like clusters. When it comes to the buds of the Super Blue Dream, they faithfully betray the indica influence in the plant with small leaves curled tightly inward in a compact, densely-packed structure.

The color of the leaves is almost always bright, vibrant yellowish green, and in rare cases, the phenotypes of the Super Blue Dream have leaves of bright purple hues. The reason why they experience this change of color is that they contain anthocyanin pigments which are responsible for the release of shades of blue and purple. This happens especially when the Super Blue Dream is left to grow in cold weather during the blue dream flowering time. Furthermore, the trichomes are translucent and amber-colored which make the already-colorful flowers to look golden while the blue dream flowering time is in progress. Doesn’t it sound gorgeous? Trust me, it’s even better to see this richness of colors with your own eyes.

The potency and effects of the Super Blue Dream

potency and effects of the Super Blue Dream

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The Super Blue Dream allows you to waste no time with the ‘high’ because it hits you even before you finish exhaling the tasty smoke. This is especially emphasized with inexperienced smokers. If you haven’t tried it so far, let me tell you what you can expect of its high. Namely, it all starts with the first physical symptoms manifesting as small tics, which feels like an induced rush of blood around the eyes and temples. Accompanied by these sensations, you will soon feel the rush of analytical thinking and mental stimulation. You will most likely experience a rush of thoughts jumping from one to the other without you having so much control over it all.

People love these mental effects of the Super Blue Dream simply because they can be of great help when trying to accomplish a long list of work-related tasks or when you need to brainstorm on ideas for your freeform creative project. The end result is weighing down limbs and eyelids and this is when you need to look for the closest couch or bed and unwind.

The aromatic sensations of the Super Blue Dream

The only way to sense the true aroma of just any cannabis strain is to properly cure it. Therefore, when properly cured, the Super Blue Dream gives off a marvelous aroma of sweet and tart blueberries springing up from its buds. When you are grinding up the buds, apart from the irresistible fruity aromas, the Super Blue Dream awards you with a sweeter, earthier odor of musk and the best part of it all is its smoothness when being smoked. So, when you light it up, the strain burns with a smooth and pleasant smoke which comes naturally for newbies and those that normally have problems with stronger strains and coughing. On the exhale, the Super Blue Dream gives you a berry-citrus flavor with a touch of musk. Truly the smoking experience you will always look forward to.

The medicinal use of the strain

medicinal use of the super blue dream strain

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As you will feel the high wearing off, you will be pinned down to the nearest lounge setting which is fantastic if you are looking for strains which help you sleep better and fight off insomnia. Also, people who struggle with attention deficit disorders can have a great benefit of smoking the Super Blue Strain because it brings upbeat, mood-altering properties which push away moderate stress, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, due to its THC levels, the strain is able to alleviate your chronic or temporary pain anywhere in the body, and it’s especially good for headaches.

How to grow your own Super Blue Dream?

Unfortunately, this strain, just like the Black strain and the Green Candy, isn’t as readily available as its parent, the Blue OG. Therefore you have to be the one who obtains clippings of the raw, alive plant from people who already grow the strain.

When growing, this strains requires Mediterranean-like temperatures and surroundings (semi-humid) and thrives are 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This being said, this strain can be grown both in and outdoors and the blue dream flowering time is about 8 weeds just like the parent Blue OG.

On the outside, the SBD is a strain that grows short and bushy and has very strong lateral branches. When mature enough, this plant will yield an average amount of flowers to cure.

Side effects of super blue dream

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