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Grape OG Strain: Genetics, Effects, and Best Use




Grape OG strain

Grape OG strain is one of those hybrids among cannabis strains that have striking colors and a memorable flavor to match all that external goodness. The popular Grape OG strain is created by the guys behind the Cali Connection. It is crossed between the notorious Pre-98 Bubba Kush and the Romulan Grapefruit which is an indica hybrid full of flavor.

Grape OG Strain: The basics

This bud has powerful genetics through which brings along potent and beneficial effects, mentally-wise as well as physiologically. The labs in which it was tested showed impressive results of THC levels ranging between 15% and a staggering 30%.

The appearance of the Grape OG Strain

The flowers of the Grape OG Strain are known for their richness in color and their medium size. Its buds are also small to medium and when trimmed properly should hold a spherical shaper that resembles popcorn. It is dense as a typical indica variety with the leaves standing out of their nuggets. The nuggets, however, are twisted through with hairy, rust-colored pistils. It predominantly has green leaves, but don’t be surprised when you see deep purple on some Grape OG Strain plants. These are due to the fact that the plant was grown in a colder environment, thus its anthocyanin pigments we activated by the lower temperatures during the process of growing. However, these purple hues are totally unrelated to its strong grape flavors. Namely, the plant’s coloring is the result of pigments while its aroma is dictated by separate compounds called terpenes.

Lastly, just like the Blue OG strain, the Super Blue Dream, the Jillybean Strain, and the Blue Frost Strain, the Grape OG Strain has icy white trichomes. These pretty ones cover the inner and outer parts of its dense buds which are how they get their impressive potency.

Aromas and flavors of the Grape OG Strain

If you properly cure a Grape OG plant then its flowers should have a prevailing aroma of tangy, sour grapes. Apart from the grapey aroma, if you have a more sensitive nose you will feel its berry-like character. Then, by grinding the solid buds you will unquestionably feel the notes of dank earth and pine. This is all thanks to its popular parent, the Bubba Kush.

The best thing about the Grape OG Strain is that when you light it up, it feels incredibly light and easy. The palatable smoke that does not induce coughing, cottonmouth or a sore throat is easily manageable by both newbies and experienced potheads. Upon the first pull, you will feel a sweet and sour taste that becomes funkier on the exhale.

Smoking the Grape OG strain

Smoking effects of Grape OG

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Regardless of your experience, or your inexperience, the Grape OG stain hits you quickly and leaves you high for a pretty long time. From it, you get a head-focused high which you feel like a funky tingly sensation around the eyes and upper face. When it finally hits you well, you will notice your thoughts flying around in a freely-associative manner. During the first phase of your high, it’s especially interesting to listen to trippy music because the tones will surely take on a new, interesting dimension for you.

After a while, when you get used to the altered mindset, you start to feel your relaxing body being high as well. This manifests in your body being relaxed and you feel that relaxation spreading down from the neck through your core, making you take your load off and sit in the nearest lounge. Note, however, that unlike the Jillybean Strain, and the Blue Frost Strain, the Grape OG stain does not go well with brainstorming, analytical thinking, and working with a lot of focus on the manner. Instead, it is a strain that sets your mind to wander freely and locks your body in a wave of relaxation that is too hard to resist. This is why your productivity levels drop and it becomes hard for you to accomplish tasks that require sustained concentration.

Side effects of Grape OG

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As the high continues to wear you on, you are in the perfect position to have a deep restorative sleep and rest your body along with your mind. By this, you can see the Grape OG strain is one of the best strains reserved for nighttime (or even bedtime) consumption, with its sleepy relaxing vibes.

This being said, you can see that the Grape OG strain holds holistic, full-body effects that enable you to get your well-deserved intractable rest. It is also great if you want to sit, get entertained and chill with your like-minded weed buddies.

The medicinal use of the Grape OG strain

medicinal use of the Grape OG strain

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Mild to moderate stress and anxiety levels can be soothed with the mood-elevating properties of the Grape OG strain. Depression is also on the list of ailments that can be healed, along with some deep, nerve-related aches and pains, thanks to its numbing properties. However, note that when you treat pain (temporary or chronic) with any type of weed, the results are only temporary because after the high wears you off, you will still feel the uneasy pain. On the other hand, when it comes to minor annoyances like headaches and nausea, the Grape OG strain is able to help heal them completely.

People who suffer even from the most severe insomnia are able to treat it by smoking this strain. Additionally, if you have low tolerance on THC, the Grape OG is safe to use since it doesn’t induce strong, recursive thinking and paranoia.

Growing your own Grape OG

Luckily for all the growers out there, the Grape OG is made available for sale online through its original breeders, the Cali Connection. You can buy its seeds from them and grow this plant indoors and out without a fuss. Just like with most of the strains, the Grape OG needs a semi-humid climate to thrive. Make sure the temperatures go as high as 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What makes this strain great for inexperienced growers is that it’s among those strains which are able to withstand adverse conditions. Because the Grape OG is resilient, variations in temperature or moisture won’t be such a big problem. When grown indoors, this plant flowers within 8 to 9 weeks.

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