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Blue Frost Strain: What To Use It For?




Blue frost Strain

Blue Frost strain is a hybrid that has indica-dominant properties in it. The strain has been created by the guys behind the Goldenseed in U.K. – also responsible for strains like the Blue Cheese and Lemon Skunk. The Blue Frost strain is a cross between the Blue Monster indica and the Jack Frost, both complex Indicas with plenty of benefits on their side.

By smoking the Blue Frost strain initially you will feel some hints of fruit, cheese, and mint all packed together, and even though it might sound like a strange combo you’d never try otherwise, the Blue Frost strain combines it wonderfully. It has a pretty potent acquired taste and its psychoactivity of 15% to 22%, can definitely not be denied even by the most experienced pot lovers.

Blue Frost strain: An overview

When it comes to its external appearance, the Blue Frost strain has it obvious at first sight. This plant grows small in size to medium and has a unique conical shape that not many cannabis strains have. It has a ragged bud structure where the buds are hanging together in a somewhat loose manner. This makes the plant look fluffy and enables you to easily tear away its buds from the central stems.

The appearance of the Blue Frost strain

The Blue Frost strain is somewhat easy to spot for its mossy green leaves, but don’t be surprised by the pale blue and deep violet patches on some of the plants of the strain. This is because they are phenotypes of the strain containing pigments called anthocyanins in their genes. When left to grow in the cold, these anthocyanins are agitated by it thus changing colors. You can also spot beautiful translucent white trichomes covering the inner and outer surfaces of these colorful leaves. It all comes down to a structure with a sticky texture and a silvery sheen.

Effects of smoking blue frost strain

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Aromas and fragrances of the Blue Frost strain

Down along its lineage, the Blue family of hybrids have their distinct smell of grapes and sweet blueberries that can be felt when the buds are cured just right. Underneath all the fruitiness, you can feel tangy, cheesy notes that the Blue Frost strain takes upon from its grandparent strain G-13. When being ground or simply torn apart, the plant gives off a soothing herbal aroma passed down from its popular grandparent Jack Herer strain.

The Blue Frost strain is definitely a rich cannabis strain with so many popular names in its genetics. When smoking it, you will be surprised at how smooth its smoke is and on the exhale, you are able to feel a refreshing herbal, minty taste. At first, this mixture of aromas may seem unpleasant to you, so it takes some getting used to, however, once you learn to distinguish all its notes, you will definitely love it. Note that when you are smoking the Blue Frost strain outside you should take precautions because it is particularly pungent, in order to maintain discretion.

The effects of the Blue Frost strain

The high of the Blue Frost strain sets in pretty quickly which makes this strain good for the experienced smokers. If you are a newbie you might feel a bit disoriented by it for a brief time, simply because its fruity, funky clouds can be overwhelming at first. You will also feel a sharpened perception of your external surroundings along with an elevated mood. You will find yourself noticing the external stimuli you would normally consider somewhat mundane which means that your brain is stimulated and able to come up with creative ideas. Also, there is the induced feeling of wanting to talk and socialize but all in a very controlled, relaxed way.

Side effects of blue frost strain

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Bodily-wise, you will feel the stress and stiffness leaving your body as the Blue Frost strain relaxation tumbles down from your neck going deeper into your core and limbs. When you increase the dosage and the high becomes more intense, you start to feel the couchlock feeling greatly increased.

All in all, with its boost in mental alertness while the body is sedated, the Blue Frost strain makes up for a great strain for unwinding after a long day of work when you just want to relax and kick back, or when you simply want to have a lazy Sunday afternoon, laughing and chilling with your buddies while still remain lucid even if you melt into your surroundings.

Using the Blue Frost strain therapeutically

Blue Frost strain therapeutically

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Medical cannabis patients will also find relief if they are suffering from some of the following health issues. Namely, the euphoric effects of the Blue Frost strain will help you get rid of anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps, and even PTSD. Also, if you suffer from ADD/ADHD the blue frost is an excellent choice for you to feel mental clearness while fighting off the lack of focus.

Furthermore, when it comes to the physiological effects, the Blue Frost will help you get rid of headaches, chronic pain, and aches, as well as numb nausea and indigestion. It is worth noting that this strain does not induce panic attacks, anxiety, or paranoia, which makes it great for those who don’t tolerate THC very well and are prone to panic when smoking weed.

Growing your own Blue Frost

The makers of the Blue Frost made this strain available for those who want to grow at home by buying the seeds online. The plant will thrive in or outdoors just the same, as long as it has semi-humid climate around it and a consistent daytime sunlight. When growing, you will notice this plant’s short and bushy structure and sturdy lateral branches. You should top your plants regularly by trimming away broad fan leaves that can potentially block sunlight and limit the growth of any low-lying flowering nodes. When it comes to the flowering, for an indica, the Blue Frost sure takes a long time to flower. You will see it maturing in about 10 to 11 weeks when you grow it indoors. But, when grown in the outdoors it will be ready to be harvested in late September to early October.

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