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Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps: Fighting Cramps with Cannabis

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marijuana for menstrual cramps

It’s that time of the month when females are bedridden, in pain and usually pretty nauseous.

But with the help of CBD and THC, women are finding finally finding relief. Marijuana for menstrual cramps is a practice that has gained wider acceptance with the spread of legalization.

Have bad period cramps? Have you seen your girlfriend, mother or sister struggle through PMS pains? No matter who it is, this time of the month can be brutally uncomfortable. There are many remedies and pain-killers that have proven to be somewhat relieving. Aleve, Tylenol, Advil, are all over the shelf remedies that provide more of a band-aid, than actual relief.

In all my years of being a female, one medicine has proven to yield the best personal results: cannabis.

Not only is weed a strong painkiller, but a nice herbal buzz can really help to get through a day. So, we asked Mindful Mary for some tips, tricks, and tokes!

Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps


What is “PMS”?

Mindful Mary: Maybe you have heard the term “PMS”, or “Shark Week”, perhaps just cramps. “PMS” is premenstrual syndrome which refers to a variety of symptoms including body tenderness, bloating, cramps, headaches, and mood swings.

In fact, in one recent study, over 400 women we tested. Over 84% reported period pain, including more than 43% who reported consistent pain with every menstrual period. This leads to painful menstruation that is highly unpleasant. In another study, nearly a third of the respondents reported missing time from class or social activities due to period pain.

Does Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps actually help?

Mindful Mary: The easy answer is yes. Cannabis is full of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD which were hand in hand to help menstrual cramps. Cramping happens when the hormones trigger muscle contractions in the uterus. Similar to small-scale labor contractions.

Preclinical research suggests THC can be used is a muscle relaxant. This will help to relieve cramps. The herb can be applied topically, cannabis-infused cream, transdermal patch or smoking.

period cramps and cannabis marijuana for menstrual cramps

Cannabis can relieve one of the most common pains women experience: menstrual pain. via Mashable

Suffering from pain in my lower back, will cannabis help with that?

Mindful Mary: Back back, leg pain, swelling in ankle and feet can all be debilitating. In addition, the abdominal pains are so common and incredibly uncomfortable. However, cannabis is known worldwide for its powerful pain fighting abilities. CBD is popular as a treatment to ease muscle spasms and muscle inflammation. So with cannabis use, pain doesn’t stand a chance against a couple puffs from a joint!

Sometimes I feel moody, sad, little depressed, how does marijuana for menstrual cramps benefit me? What about edibles for menstrual cramps?

Mindful Mary: For those with PMS and PMDD, these hormonal shifts can cause some real emotional ups and downs. Cannabis is known to be a cure for depression and mood swings. In fact, a study showed that small doses of cannabis have antidepressant effects. In addition, CBD works as an anxiolytic to relieve anxiety without the high.

Edibles for menstrual cramps can be an effective alternative to smoking and even provide longer-lasting relief than oral-ingesting.


What are the best strains to utilize marijuana for menstrual cramps?

Mindful Mary: Knowing what strains to use when is key for PMS. Sativas will help you get through pain-free during the day, and Indica will help maintain a consistent sleep. There are also different benefits of smoking and eating. Edibles for menstrual cramps may be a better course of action for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

  1. Pennywise (CBD) – Indica Dominant Hybrid: evenings, not too heavy, pain relief
  2. CBD Critical Cure – Indica Dominant Hybrid: night time, heavy, sleep aid
  3. Super Lemon Haze – Sativa Dominant Hybrid: daytime, medium, mood swings
  4. Romulan – Indica: night time, heavy, pain relief and sleep aid
  5. Dream Queen – Sativa Dominant Hybrid: daytime, medium, body relief
  6. White Widow – Sativa Dominant Hybrid: daytime, medium, muscle relief from cramps
marijuana for menstrual cramps

Weed is the new cure for PMS. via Go Social

What are some other tricks to feeling better with marijuana for menstrual cramps?

Mindful Mary: While cannabis is the best cure, a mixture of treatments can really be the answer to overall relief. Here are some extra tips below:

  1. Diet – staying with clean and healthy food is key. Eliminating sugar, no matter how much chocolate you want will help with inflammation from cramps.
  2. Multi-Vitamin – said to help with the loss of blood. This is smart for anyone’s day to day life.
  3. Exercise – light exercise will really help. Swimming, a walk outside with a joint or even sex! This is well to relieve pain and helps to circulate blood flow.
  4. Heat – everyone loves a good heating pack. This will help with the pain and inflammation and just make you feel cozy. Cramps will find ease through this process.
  5. Herbal Root – aside from cannabis there are a lot of other herbs and roots that help benefit the body: ginger, valerian root, feverfew, wild yam, black cohosh, yarrow, rosemary and, lavender.
  6. Stay Hydrated – this is so important. Water is a great resource for feeling better. Herbal teas are additionally helpful. Stay away from coffee and pops though!
  7. Topicals – CBD infused topicals will be helpful to reduce inflammation. Many users have claimed rub-ons to be a major part of the cure.
  8. Sleep – the best resource out there. Reduces stress, sleep through the pain, and just rest up!
  9. Massages – if you can convince someone or you have an amazing partner, massages will help the body.
  10. Edibles for menstrual cramps – lets not forget the power of converting THC through your liver and the longer lasting effects.


Looking for more on marijuana for menstrual cramps or information on edibles for menstrual cramps? — contact us at [email protected]

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