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CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer: Lymphoma in Cats and Other Diseases

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lymphoma in cats

Your cat can be just as important as any family member.

Now cannabis could be a cure or provide relief from the ailments of cancer and lymphoma in cats. 

We are talking about your best friend, the one who loves you. Unfortunately, they are feeling sick. Yes, meow. We are talking about your cat.

No matter if you are human or animal, cancer is a destructive disease. However, CBD oil for cats with cancer may be a new possible cure. In addition, if it can be used to heal humans, it may also have possibilities for other favorite furry friends.

Furthermore, research shows CBD can help fight the growth and spread of tumors, and possibly even kill cancer cells.

CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer

CBD oil for cats with cancer

CBD oil is beneficial for our feline friends. via Healthy Spot

Just like humans, cats can get cancer too. And while cancer rates in cats are much lower in dogs, cancer actually can appear hidden within the feline system. In fact, According to PetMD:

“This means that feline cancer tends to get diagnosed a lot later than cancer in dogs or humans, and is usually much more advanced by the time your vet knows about it.”

Sadly, this means that lymphoma in cats and other cancers can be hard to detect. But, now the benefits of cannabis are taking on new leaps for our fur babies so that they can heal. For that reason, CBD is being looked at as a way to battle cancer. And in addition, help aid in cancer prevention.

What is CBD Oil? Lymphoma in Cats and Other Diseases

CBD also is known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. One of the most crucially important qualities of CBD is its lack of psychoactive properties. In layperson’s terms, this means that cannabidiol won’t get you high.

So it has the benefits of the plant without getting your kitty stoned.

What Causes Cancer?

lymphoma in cats

Our feline friends are masters of hiding their emotions and don’t often show obvious signs of pain or discomfort when they are sick or injured. Because of this, you must keep a close eye on them. via Holidog Times

Evil? Genetics? Choice? Who knows really. There are 100 reasons you could get cancer: eating the wrong thing, smoking, drinking, genetics or the rumors that bra wires cause cancer. Either way, it’s a cruel way to suffer and a cruel way to die. And the same can happen for our cat friends. According to Dr. Joanne Intile:

“Everything from nutrition, viruses, carcinogens in the environment, and your cat’s genetics can all affect the likelihood of your cat developing cancer.”

So, the best thing you can do is prevention and care. Feline cancer is easily attainable when introduced to improper spaying, improper housing environments, or even smoke and improper food (human food). In addition, felines are prone to Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which can lead to Lymphoma in cats.

Secondly, Fibrosarcoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) are two lesser common forms of cancer found in our kitty pals. Furthermore, our feline friends can’t speak to us, so watch closely for signs of them acting out of the norm.

Sings to Look For:

  1. Lumps
  2. Acting out of the norm
  3. Not eating
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diaherra
  6. Trouble Breathing
  7. Lethargic

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer

CBD oil for cats with cancer

CBD Oil for Cats. via Pet Releaf

CBD oil is now a real beneficial method to helping your cat. CBD Oil for cats with cancer is truly a mind-blowing method of healing. In addition, there is solid research showing that CBD has the ability to fight growth in tumors. In addition, CBD may help to slow and/or stop the spreading of tumors in felines.

Moreover, researchers found that CBD helps induce the programmed death of the cancer cells while causing minimal damage to healthy cells. This is better than chemotherapy for sure and can help treat lymphoma in cats. There is a solid body of research showing it has promising anti-tumor effects in cats and owners everywhere returning to CBD for a cure and tumor reducer.

Other Prevention Methods:

  • Reduce spaying – this really can be an issue for breeding but be cautious
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and staying away from human foods.
  • Overfeeding your cat can lead to obesity in your feline friend. We all know that isn’t good for cancerous cells.
  • Avoid smoking around your pet. It can lead to oral cancer in not only you but your pet!
  • Keep your pet away from any harmful chemicals or products containing carcinogens. Some animal owners opt to make their own cleaners. It will benefit you too and your wallet.
  • Lawn chemicals like pest/herbicides and chemical fertilizers might contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, so if your pet stays outdoors, keep your eye for homes with spray.
  • Health supplements that have anticancer properties
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