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How to Use CBD Oil – A Beginner’s Guide

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Cannabis Oil

How Does CBD Oil Work?

If you or someone you know has ever wondered about how to use CBD Oil. Then you’re not alone. This is one of the more common questions in regards to medicinal marijuana use within the cannabis community.

It seems that people are becoming more curious about CBD oil due to the tragic North American opioid epidemic that is currently taking place.

Please Note I Am Not A Doctor, I Only Play One On T.V.

OK, in an all seriousness you need to consult a physician or medical professional first to see if CBD Oil is right for you. This is an article in regards to how to use CBD Oil, and it is not professional medical advice.

Oh man, if I was a doctor, we’d all be doomed! Hmmm? Dr. and doomed? Dr. Doom it is (insert evil laughter)!

A Context on How to Use CBD Oil

If I had a gram for every time that I was asked, “how to use CBD oil,” well I’d be weed-rich! Please be advised that there is absolutely no single right or wrong answer to this question. In fact, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to any methods of pain relief. It’s all about what works for you, don’t let the government tell you 

Listen, it’s like anything in life:

Results Will Vary

There are some people that have incredible, life-changing results with CBD-infused creams or other topicals for muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, or arthritic joint pain, etc… Then there are other folks out there who find sublingual, or under the tongue style, CBD Oil drops to be their weapon of choice when combating those and other forms of pain, plus many other various disorders.

How To Use CBD Oil

Under the tongue, or sublingual CBD Oil is one way of ingesting CBD Oil.

Of course, there are some people out there who don’t experience any positive impacts when they use CBD products, but that’s not what this article is about. No, ma’am, this article is about what we’ve all been waiting for.

How To Use CBD Oil

The majority of people out there use higher-strength products for pain, more so than they would for things like depression, anxiety, or even stress. Although with that said, a lot of people that are suffering from mood disorders have started to use THC Oil drops to treat them. But that’s a whole other topic in itself. There are also people who do use products like CBD Oil to treat their mood disorders as well, but it is most commonly used to fight pain.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re talking about CBD Oil and how to use it to help manage different issues. A lot of people ask what a proper dosage of CBD Oil would look like? But here are those three words again, results may vary.

The majority of the Canadian Licensed Producers (LP’s) that manufacture CBD oil, offer their tinctures in different dosages and strengths. They are broken up by how many mg’s (milligrams) of CBD are in each mL (milliliter).

Take a Canadian LP like CanniMed for example, who offer their drops in three different options for CBD Oil. Each bottle is 60 mL, and they’re available in 12mg/CBD, 594mg/CBD, and 1200mg/CBD (per bottle).

How To Use CBD Oil

Two very different cannabinoids: THC is psychoactive, and CBD is not.

Most people start on a lower dose and in most cases the lowest dose possible. Using CanniMed as an example, their 12mg option would indeed be their lowest dose available. It is also important to note that the 12mg option is also their cannabis oil that happens to be the highest in THC!

So again, it is extremely important to consult with a physician and also with the brand you are purchasing from, before consuming anything. Because if you aren’t looking for a possibly mind-numbing or euphoric experience, then you definitely wouldn’t want to ingest any products that contain THC anytime soon!

Just saying!

How Does Someone Know What A Proper Dose Of CBD Oil Is?

What someone truly needs to do, is efficiently and effectively gauge the exact amount of CBD oil that it takes to start managing their issue. Then they should figure out what type of issue it is that they’re trying to fight. For example, is it chronic pain, acute pain, nerve pain, etc…? Or maybe it is all of the above?

How To Use CBD Oil

You should always consult with a physician on how much CBD oil you should use.

If a person starts off right away with a maximum dose from Cannimed’s 1200 mg tincture for example, then they will have no idea how much CBD Oil it actually takes to treat their condition. Or even how much they wasted, this is very important as they do not want to exceed the recommended dosage and end up developing a tolerance to the active cannabinoids.

Building up a tolerance to marijuana? Yes, it can most definitely happen.

For example, if someone’s intention is to treat chronic pain, possibly something along the lines of neuropathy, maybe muscle soreness, or it could even be something like back pain, then they would most likely want to start out with a lower dosage, and then proceed from there. A person can always decrease the dose if they notice effective results, and likewise, they can always increase the dose until positive results are achieved.

The main idea is for someone to increase their dosage only in small increments. This way they are able to pinpoint exactly how much CBD oil it takes to treat their condition. Once someone has a routine down, and knows how much CBD Oil to administer and when to do so. They won’t waste any medication, and they will also have a grasp on exactly how much to increase or decrease when necessary. But please, always make sure that you:

Always Check With A Health Professional On How To Use CBD Oil

Please be advised that you should always consult with a physician about what dosage amount is right for you, and you should never exceed the recommended daily doses that are listed on the bottle.

Different Ways To Use CBD Oil

How To Use CBD Oil

Marijuana edibles are a popular form of ingesting CBD Oil.

CBD Oil can be taken directly, straight from the bottle and right under someone’s tongue. Or it can be transferred into capsules, just like regular pills. CBD Oil can also be baked into edibles, or it can be mixed into different food items such as smoothies, or even different beverages such as tea. It can also be mixed into a meal, leaving many possibilities on how to use CBD Oil.

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