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How to smoke Moonrocks: Complete guide

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how to smoke moonrocks

If you are looking to elevate your high, it’s time you try Moonrocks.

You have probably heard about them or been asked if you have ever smoked them. It is some sort of weed product. But it seems quite rare until you meet someone who has actually tried moonrocks. And it is actually quite easy to make your own, you don’t necessarily have to purchase them from a local dispensary. Some have called them the “caviar of cannabis” due to its delicacy quality. If you are like me – your first introduction to moonrocks was like smoking your first joint. Brand new, a little weird and you really don’t know what to do. But, we are here to help guide you.

What are Moonrocks?

Moonrocks are a cannabis product that is popular in the connoisseur world. For those who want to want that elevated experience moonrocks are bound to get you high.

The OG moon rock first hit the scene by the rapper Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak (Death Row Records). This product became trademarked but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. While Kurupt’s brand is well-known for quality, another moonrock could be the complete opposite.

The potency and quality of your moonrock will depend on the products used to make them. Making sure you buy your moon rocks from a reliable producer is important. Nobody wants low-grade weed for a moon rock. But if you have all the products at home, you should definitely try to make this yourself.

Moon Rocks are THC concentrate to the max. Essentially cannabis buds (historically Girl Scout Cookies) dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in kief. Though the potency of each batch of Moon Rocks is different base on who makes it, it usually is claimed to be around 50% THC.

How to Smoke Moonrocks


Moonrocks weed and bongs

Glassware and pipes are the best way to smoke Moonrocks. via Leaf Science

Here is a tutorial video for how to smoke Moonrock

Moon Rocks are honestly only recommended for advanced cannabis users. But, if you’re ready for this there are some tips we recommend.

Glassware: Use a bong, pipe or whatever glassware you like most. Moon Rocks are not like cannabis flower. It’s thick and oily and rips apart.

No Joints: This really won’t roll up well in a joint. And the likelihood of your blunt staying lit – is low!

Smoke with Flower: The greasy, thick texture of moon rocks can make them difficult to light. But if you throw some ground cannabis on top it will be like the Kindle to the fire!

Make Sure Your Calendar is Free: This isn’t something to smoke if you still have tasks to complete, or you want to hit the gym. So make a plan for it!

Stay Hydrated: You won’t want to move a single muscle once the rocks hit you. So have water ready for the pasties, for the coughing effects and your dry mouth.

Snacks: The same goes for the snacks. You will probably get the munchies once the high kicks in.  Have a pizza ready, or your favorite snacks!

Environment: Be in a comfortable and vibe-encouraging environment. Make sure your soul and spirit are in their happy place. Have the people are you who make you laugh and don’t forget your favorite pillow and blanket.

How to Make Moonrocks? Do you need Weed?

moonrocks weed

“Moonrocks” start out with fine cannabis buds, they are then dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief. via HERB

Though Moon Rocks are commonly made with Girl Scout Cookies flower or concentrate – you can really make your own Moon Rocks with whatever strain you’d like. All you need is the following:

  • Your favorite strain/flower
  • Your favorite concentrate/hash oil
  • A big bowl of kief from the bottom of your grinder
  • Some tongs
  • A liquid dropper

Click here to see a step-by-step guide on how to make Moonrocks!

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