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10 Trippy Images That Will Make You Go Whaaaat?




We’ve all stared at trippy images before and went whaaat!?

Trippy images are a cannabis enthusiast’s best friend and worst enemy.

On one hand, they can enhance your high, making an experience all the more memorable. On the other hand, one glance at ‘too trippy’ of an image and its game over. Your eyes get stained, and the rest of the night you spend in a traumatic state of panic and disbelief. What did you just see? Are octopi really smart enough to solve a Rubix cube?

You question your very existence.

That’s what this curation of images is meant to do. If you’re high, perfect. You are about to play roulette.

This is our selection of handpicked images that will make you want to question their context, do a serious double take, seek a deeper meaning, or simply leave you thinking about how or why they exist.

“Ugh, Delete It.”

trippy pictures

To kick off our party of trippy images, there’s the fox, then there’s the hound, then there’s the guy who filmed it all. Meet Steve, the real-life cameraman behind the Disney Animated Special the Fox and the Hound. He spent years developing working relationships with the animals to the point that they could provide feedback on stills, provide framing for shots, and help program specific settings on the camera.

Go Go Gadget Head Rest

stoner pictures

They say he never sleeps. Well, they were wrong. A plumber by day, vigilante crime fighter by night. GoGadget man employs a series of efficient and extravagant headrests in order to achieve maximum comfort and clarity. The problem: his hat keeps sliding off his head.

Mercedes #MealPrep

meal prep imagery trippy pictures

Yo bro!! Are you getting your gains in? Well, now there’s no excuse with this removable meal prepper from Mercedes. Store, seal, cook, and drive away all in one step. Trippy images are made in Germany.

Thomas Was Never The Same After He Visited The Upside Down

socks reverse Trippy Image socks

When poor Will Byers got sucked into the upside down, the entire town of Hawkins went looking for him. They eventually found him, but when he returned, he wasn’t the same. He looked similar, talked with the same voice, but every so often he was spitting out giant slugs into the sink of his mom’s house. Thomas, unfortunately, faced the same fate…

“Excuse Me, Are You Even Listening?”

weird images

Okay, these aren’t even trippy, but like why is this reporter’s head bent that far? It’s almost creepy as if he knows that I placed my grandma’s ugly crochet over my 1970s television. Let’s not forget the ducks f****$# up top.

Raisin Makers Or Grape Savers?

trippy images

You can barely tell if these little people are inflating the grapes or sucking them dry for profit! Help! NAFTA!

“Well One Of Us Is Going To Have To Change, And It Won’t Be Me” 

trippy images marijuana

This is totally normal I don’t know what’s wrong with this picture, defintely shouldn’t be classified in trippy images.

Welcome To Canada, Bienvenue Au Canada

trippy images cannabis

Y’all remember those wood train sets we used to slam as kids. Ya, those were badass. Turns out, Canada is pretty badass too. Except their money smells like maple syrup and their beer doesn’t taste like wate….wait a minute I love Canada. #LegalizeIt

trippy images weed

Ahhhh, the family tree. A true snapshot of an ancestral path. In this case, we’re looking at a completely deranged family of Frankenstein gummy bear children. Their parts were sewed back together from the remains of stomach acid and floor drops. They may taste the same, but they sure as hell don’t look the same.

No Man Is An Island…Except This Guy

trippy images


They call this, “No Man’s Land.” Where the pacific ocean meets the indian ocean, and where currents collide to form some of the most magnificent natural structures in the history of this planet.

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