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How to Get a Free Medical Cannabis Card Online in Canada




cannabis card online

Can I really get a free medical cannabis card online in Canada?

The short answer is: yes. Getting a free medical cannabis card online is a lot easier than you think. And this is all thanks to technology.

Two Canadian companies have collaborated to create a specialized cannabis app with the potential to digitize and expedite the process of obtaining medicinal cannabis in Canada. Namaste Technologies and O’Cannabis have collaborated to develop NamasteMD, an app that connects Canadians who need medicinal cannabis to doctors and health-care practitioners who are willing to provide it.

How Do I get a Free Medical Cannabis Card Online in Canada?

cannabis card online

Google search of cannabis cards online.

A simple google search will yield several online platforms on medical cannabis offer cannabis cards in just a few minutes. As of right now, this constitutes the fastest means of obtaining a medical cannabis card online in the entire industry, but due to the amount of shady and fraudulent organizations, it’s hard to tell the phonies from the true clinics looking to help.

There are stories of online services charging 50$ for a consultation, and never receiving a license in the end. Which is why NamasteMD and their established connection of healthcare professionals and practitioners offer an extremely important service. They add a layer of professionalism into an already shady market, providing some patients with higher comfort levels and stress-free healthcare.

Why is there a need for a free medical cannabis card?

In today’s day and age, accessibility is everything. With current burdens on the healthcare industry, cannabis becomes another thing overlooked by an overcrowded system. Even getting a medicinal cannabis card or prescription has become a difficult task burdened with red tape.

There are doctors, there are lines, which all act as barriers to entry into an industry that really doesn’t need anymore stigma. The fact of the matter is: if we want regular Canadians and to start thinking about using medicinal cannabis, we have to open up the gateways and allow all technological solutions a shot at improving the world.

That’s where NamasteMD comes into play.

How Does NamasteMD Work?

Screen Shot 2018 08 14 at 6.58.46 PM - Canadian Cannabis App NamasteMD Connecting Patients to Doctors

The NamasteMD cannabis app essentially digitizes and expedites the entire process of getting a cannabis prescription. Potential patients will have access to medical professionals from their phone or computer.

A consultation will then take place over a video call with a nurse who judges whether or not the candidate is eligible to proceed and receive a medical marijuana prescription.

Those who qualify receive a unique online prescription code. This code can be taken to any licensed producer and the patient may then receive their medical cannabis. The cannabis can be picked up in person or shipped to the door of the recipient.

Effectively this means that the entirety of the medicinal cannabis process can be conducted remotely, without having to leave home.

What are the potentials for the Recreational Market?

According to Stefan Hosko of the PuffPuffPost, the NamasteMD has the potential to grow past the medicinal market. Hosko outlines that a number of cannabis delivery services already exist for recreational purposes,  the Chrono and lifted bud have been supplying Canadians cannabis needs for a number of years.

Hosko states,

“However, like the dispensaries that currently thrive across Canada, these websites exist in something of a ‘grey market’, and the cannabis app is an untapped market. Strictly speaking, these businesses are illegal, but more or less tolerated by law enforcement.”

Hosko hopes these grey market enterprises will be allowed to transition into fully regulated and legitimate businesses. Barring all the conflict with Trudeau, if these grey market enterprises are let into the market, NamasteMD will have a running head start on them.

They operate in a unique space at the moment, with high risk but much higher reward.

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