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Cannabis Cocktails and Tangerine Sunrise This Summer!

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Cannabis Cocktails and Tangerine Sunrise

Cannabis cocktails are liquid elevation.

But before we get into that, let’s talk some Cannabis Cuisine. In these times of canna-everything, I’m sure it does not come as a surprise that you see marijuana being pushed into the kitchen as well and climbing its way up to the list of 2019 food trends. This all started a long time ago, but it got its real rise in 2018 when many countries embraced either canna-legalization or loosening of the existing laws. Now, in 2019, the plant and its ingredients have been slowly making their way onto the public market.

Read on to find out why we might be seeing a lot more cannabis-infused foods on menus, in stores, and at food shows this year.

Cannabis foods ranked in the top 10 food trends of 2018. And as more states legalize recreational marijuana, the varieties of pot-enhanced food and beverage will increase. We can certainly expect for cannabis-infused cocktails and different dishes to start appearing in restaurants. Even now, every day we can see how Cannabis cuisine is evolving every day. And now your favorite drinks are being transformed into creative elixirs like cannabis cocktails!

As restaurants are getting demands for cannabis as a food ingredient, they are now expected to begin incorporating this plant into their menus as part of their specialty dishes. Chefs and cannabis connoisseurs hope to soon bridge the gap between the culinary and cannabis worlds. Experts even predict that the main ingredient in cannabis plants, cannabidiol, could start showing up in restaurant dishes this year. And people see no reason for it not happening any time soon. Especially because cannabidiol or CBD is known for its therapeutic properties without delivering the high you get from using the whole plant or some form of THC concentrate in particular. Right now using marijuana in restaurants is still illegal, however, people are considering the proposal of passing legislation that would allow restaurants to at least use the CBD as an ingredient.

This would sure be a step forward and a good start towards legalizing the plant to be used as a whole in some of the regular restaurants’ dishes.

And here, speaking of cannabis cocktails, these green-enriched drinks are probably the easiest to prep and the most fun, delicious treat there is. If you are wondering how we got to the idea of creating canna-infused alcoholic drinks it is because ingesting cannabis is different from either smoking or vaping it. See, it all depends on your metabolism and the ability to absorb the THC into the bloodstream. While everyone can agree that the effects surely take slower to come and be felt, they are much different than the effects of the plant when you smoke it in a joint. First, you might feel as if nothing is really happening but then when the cannabinoids pass the digestive barrier and enter your bloodstream, trust me, you will feel every last bit of it.

This is why cannabis cocktails are the first thing to have fun with. They are a delicious treat and way to unwind. Now you can spice up your margaritas up by infusing cannabis into your own tequila—and it’s easier than you think! But don’t stop there. If margaritas aren’t your favorite cocktail, then be creative and make your own that you will love with a dash of cannabis. You can add some Tangerine Sunrise to your tequila to enlighten your taste buds with lime terpenes. Cannabis cocktails and marijuana, margaritas are the ultimate choice for you scorching summer!

Tangerine Sunrise

Genetics: Hawaiian Sunrise x Tangenesia. – 100% Sativa

Potency: 15-18% THC, 0.1-2% CBD, unknown CBN


Tangerine Sunrise was created by Colorado Seed Inc. It’s a moderately dense flower with deep, fiery “sunrise-like” trichrome fibers. It has been listed as one of The Ten Best Marijuana Strains of 2014 in the Westerword due to its’s euphoric high. Plus, this pure Sativa as a delicious aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice and a taste of fresh sweet lime with a hint of vanilla spice. These flavor profiles make it a perfect strain to pair to create cannabis cocktails. Its effects are kind to the body and light on the mind, eliciting a clearheaded mental buzz with positive euphoria. Furthermore, this strain is an excellent daytime choice for new or experienced users, as you’ll enjoy a plethora of effects that all leave you fully functional. Initially a head high will result in strong feelings of happiness and incredible amounts of energy. While this can sometimes make people feel jittery or experience anxiety, your high will be smooth and enjoyable. As you shift into the indica effects, your body will become more relaxed without any sense of sleepiness.

The strong citrus flavor is balanced out with a woody, herbaceous essence- making for a refreshing, familiar flavor profile and aroma. This bud is great for any time of day, whether you’re relaxing with friends or starting your morning rising with the sun and a cup of warm tea. The high is generally a happy, euphoric, and relaxed one, with a tingly body high. This is an all-around enjoyable flower from its flavor and aroma to its relaxing effects. Whether you’re waking up or winding down- Tangerine Sunrise is an easygoing bud. Since it’s great for any time of day, try using it to relieve stress at the office or as a daily smoke to get through a depressing stretch of life – we all have them. Those with chronic body pain, inflammation, or migraines will appreciate the way that this strain takes the edge off and can make you more functional. Some patients find that the relaxing benefits of its indica side can help them achieve a great night of sleep as well.

In addition, this an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as fatigue, stress or anxiety, depression, and attention disorders.

For this reason, it is raved about for its daytime high full of energy and happiness. This makes for a perfect strain match for an infused tequila. So, try Tangerine Sunrise with this Marijuana Margarita recipe.

Making the Infused Tequila

cannabis cocktails

via HERB

Supplies for cannabis cocktails:

  • Large mason jar with a tight-fitting lid
  • 7-15 grams of Tangerine Sunrise
  • Your favorite brand of tequila, preferably white
  • Cheesecloth
  • Spouted Bottle


  1. Fill the mason jar with the Tangerine Dream. Roughly 3/4’s full.
  2. Pour enough of the white tequila to cover the cannabis thoroughly
  3. Place the lid on top, making sure it is screwed on tightly.
  4. Shake the jar, mixing the alcohol within the buds.
  5. Then, place the jar in a cool, dark space for up to 3 weeks.
  6. Check on the mixture periodically, shaking it to keep the mixture stirred.
  7. Once this process is complete, strain the liquid from the cannabis buds through a cheesecloth.
  8. This will result in an infused tequila with a slightly golden tint.
  9. Pour the strained infused tequila into a bottle with a spout to make Marijuana Margaritas.
  10. Enjoy your cannabis cocktails!

Marijuana Margaritas

cannabis cocktails

via Leafly


  • Four fresh limes
  • Jar of honey
  • Bag of ice cubes
  • Infused medicated tequila
  • Margarita glasses
  • High-powered blender
  • Grater
  • Salt, preferably sea salt (optional)


  1. Place 1-2 cups of the ice cubes into a blender.
  2. Add 4-8 tablespoons of melting honey into the blender.
  3. Then, squeeze 2-3 limes into the blender for the juice
  4. Add in a half shot to a shot of the infused tequila to the strength you desire.
  5. Run margarita glasses under a little water, the place in fridge or freezer to chill.
  6. Now, blend the mixture until it is smooth. You may need to stir this mixture in between blending for best results.
  7. Furthermore, remove chilled glasses and garnish.
  8. Dampen the rip of the margarita glass and rip the rims in salt, or sugar if preferred.
  9. In addition, slice the final lime into thin half-slices with a small cut through the flesh, this will be placed on the rim of the glass.
  10. Add the Marijuana Margarita mixture to each of the glasses, distribute it evenly.
  11. Lastly, grate a small about of the lime zest over the top to complement the terpenes from the Tangerine Sunrise.
  12. Now serve, and enjoy responsibly!

So, always keep some Tangerine Sunrise handy in the house for whenever you want to taste the best bud of your life whether it’s in cocktails, edibles or simply smoking. We are sure it will become your new daily favorite. Or if you want to enjoy its taste to the max each time, reserve it for special occasions where you want to have a carefree and energetic day. This way your body won’t get accustomed to its effects as much and you’ll be able to feel it fully every time.

This recipe for cannabis cocktails includes alcohol and cannabis, practice safety and please do not drink and drive!

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