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How Does A Bubbler Pipe Work?

You've probably noticed more and more people smoking their favorite strains out of a bubbler pipe. After trying one for a dry...
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Which Weed Grinder is Best for Smoking Bowls or Rolling Papers?

In a world where you can buy a la carte TV, have your driver pick you up Chipotle on the...
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Why You Need a Cannabutter Machine for Edibles

One of the most essential rules when making edibles is to add your bud to a fat such as butter....
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How To Clean A Weed Grinder

We don’t think twice about cleaning our gravity bong, dab pen, or weed bubbler. However, many of us neglect cleaning...
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Mellow Man Ace on this week’s Episode of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast

On this week’s episode of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast Ben and Efrem sit with rapper Mellow Man Ace....
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Gravity Bong! What is it and How Do You Make One?

Ever get so used to smoking cannabis that you no longer thought you could experience the highs you used to...
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Best Vape Pen for Traveling

Image Courtesy of Sarah Johnson No doubt vaping is one of the most convenient methods for getting your cannabis fix. Vape pens...
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Jay-Z’s New Cannabis Partnership and NFL Scandal. Does Beyonce agree?

The first rapper to be a billionaire according to Forbes has entered into a large partnership with a Cannabis company....
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Mass Nerder – D23 Expo 2019 & The Sony Disney Split

Episode 130: The whole gang's here to discuss the events of Disney’s D23 Expo! Topics include Disney World's newest Attractions,...
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10 Best THC Vape Pens

Are you tired of the old method of smoking and want to get something trendier? The best vape pen for cannabis oil is changing year in, year out, with significant improvements in the design and marketing of the products.
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