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How to Smoke a Joint the Right Way




How to Smoke a Joint

Before we jump into the real business of how to smoke a joint, let’s look at some important statistics. This won’t be as boring as it sounds.

Today, cannabis legalization has become a hot topic on mainstream media. The idea of legalizing cannabis has become a bone of contention among members of social, political and economic classes. In 2013, Uruguay citizens welcomed the government move to fully legalize cannabis for recreational use. Although people continue to debate about its legalization, Uruguay became the first nation to legalize cannabis for recreation.  Canada followed suit in 2018 becoming second.

Currently, according to the United Nations, at least 158.8 million people around the world are said to have used cannabis. This figure represents 3.8% of the world’s total population.  In the United States of America alone, 94 million people have reported having used cannabis at least once in their lifetime. If the United Nations world drug data is something to go by, then 238 million people around the globe are consuming cannabis.

Due to its widespread legalization, a large proportion of the world population could be consuming cannabis for their first time. The most tried and true method of consuming cannabis for recreational purposes is through a joint. A joint is another name for cannabis cigarettes…but you already knew that.

This is the name you will come across in places like the USA and Canada, while in the United Kingdom it is referred to mostly as a Spliff. You have full discretion to decide whether you want a big or a small joint. Ideally, a joint can lie anywhere between a quarter of a gram to an eighth of an ounce. Don’t be afraid to go bigger…once you get more comfortable with the basics, of course.

How to smoke a joint. Puff, puff, pass the joint

Some Basics

The process of rolling and smoking a joint is pretty simple and straight forward.

In any case, you may be wondering how to smoke a joint without looking like a total nerd, rookie, etc. Well, you’re in luck as we’ve put together a guide on ‘how to smoke a joint,’ step by step. The fastest way is to buy a pre-roll, find a comfortable, legal spot and spark that bad boy. But, maybe you like the craft, or like learning, or want to been seen as an expert. In that case, we’ve also included a video on how to roll a joint in this handy guide.

Before we roll out these simple steps for you,  it will be important to give a lot of little information about joint smoking. This is because, despite your smoking prowess, it will be important to follow and stick to joint etiquette. By following the code of conduct we have outlined here, we are sure you are not going to embarrass yourself once a joint is handed to you.

Respect Rolling Seniority

Hey buddy, appreciate the fact that you may not be the best joint roller in the world. It’s fine! For this reason, whenever you find yourself in a group of people who best know how to roll the joint, let them take charge.

Do not pretend to be Know-It-All. Eat some humble pie and learn the skill from your peers.  Remember, maybe at one point you will find yourself in a group where you will be the most experienced joint roller.  May every day present you with an opportunity to learn the art of rolling a joint. Never stop learning!

Be a Loyal Contributor

Do you know people who take advantage of others and don’t want to share the cost? Yeah, they’re bummers. The art of joint smoking dictates that once you join the joint rotation, at least contribute something. Be a person who aspires to contribute in some way. Bring some weed. Bring papers. How about filters? A lighter? You can do this.

The Person who Rolls it, Lights it

The art of smoking joint requires that the person who rolled the joint reserves special rights to light it and hit it.  You know it can be annoying if you roll a joint and then an amateur messes up the whole process.  The roller can, however, pass the lighting rights to someone else.

How to smoke a joint. Roll it up. Light it up. Smoke it.

Rollership has its privileges

A Joint is not a Microphone or a Soap Box

Smoking a joint is a perfect way of bringing you together with your friends. This will be a perfect way of telling stories and keeping up with what’s happening.  If given an opportunity, don’t use the joint as your microphone or personal soap box. Don’t dive in to long stories and forget to smoke the joint and pass it along.  Your friends will be pretty bummed out if you hold the joint for too long. For heaven’s sake, the cherry will go out and your friends will be mad at you. Mercy!

Smoking a Joint with a Filter (or Crutch)

Try using a filter.  This is a mouthpiece made of wood or glass, or cardboard. You can even tear a piece from your pack of rolling papers. It prevents bits of the plant matter from getting inside your mouth. Also, it ensures that you don’t burn your lips once you puff way down to the roach. Did you know that a filter or crutch can also prevent you from burning your fingers? It’s true! The good thing about joints rolled together with filters is that you can smoke it to the very end. Waste not, want not..or want more. Either way…

How To Smoke a Joint

To summarize what’s coming up, you’ll learn how to grind the weed, prepare the filter, roll the joint, and light it up to enjoy without making any faux pas. Here are the steps in a macro list:

  1. Buy dry-flower herb…or buy a pre-roll. There are many strains and varieties; starting with broad categories like Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids and going as in-depth as terpene profiles, THC/CBD % ratios, etc. If you’re new to smoking weed, we’d suggest a strain with a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio as it will have a milder psychoactive effect.
  2. Roll the joint. This can be complicated if you’re looking to impress someone with your creative flare. Joints like the Cross Joint, The Shotgun, The X are all show-stoppers. However, they aren’t necessary and a classic joint or pinner will do just fine.
  3. Light the joint. In order to smoke, you need fire. A classic BIC lighter or matches will suffice. Place the joint gently between your lips, spark your lighter at the end of the joint and draw in a breath, gently. You should see the amber of the joint light-up and feel the cannabis smoke enter your lungs.
  4. Take a hit. Now that the joint it lit and you have a “cherry” or ember burning, you can inhale the weed smoke to experience the effects of the joint. To do so without coughing up a lung, take a slow, steady draw. That means, gently breathing in the smoke through the filter end of the joint.
  5. Exhale. Don’t hold the smoke in, you need to breathe. Exhale the smoke slowly, without exerting much force. If you’re new to weed, wait a few minutes before taking another drag. Remember to keep the exhale to yourself. Sound rude? Nah, this is a common accident that joint smokers find themselves in. No one wants to inhale your exhale. Never let that happen. It might lead to your expulsion from the smoking circle. Just tilt your head upward or downward while exhaling. This will help in dealing with the menace of this faux pas.
  6. Pass the joint. Or pass the dutchie, or spliff, blunt, etc. If you’re with a friend, back and forth is more than cool. If you’re with multiple friends, in a triangle, circle or other geometric forms (however loose), pass the joint to the left.  However, kindly never pass a roach. This can be irritating to your friend meant to receive the joint.  It is not cool, man. Remember, the process of passing joining is ritualistic and based on formulated rules. So, once the joint is gone, simply put it out. You don’t have to pass a roach. Think about it! How would feel if you were given a gift box without anything inside? Harsh.
How to smoke a joint. Don’t bogart the joint. Pass it!

Thou shalt not bogart

Joint Smoking Etiquette

Those are your basics. To add to the experience and your perceived knowledge, here are some cultural norms and things to avoid so people invite you back.

  1. Don’t pressure anyone into it. And don’t feel pressured into it. Like many other mind-altering substances, weed can affect people differently. It’s cool if you smoke and it’s also cool if you don’t. Weed is for relaxation, creativity, cultural bonding, healing, and fun. It’s not for assholes, at least specifically. Speaking of this, there are many other ways to consume weed, like edibles, vaporizers and topicals.
  2. Don’t hold on. Don’t Bogart the joint!  Which essentially means puff puff pass. Keep the good times rolling, etc. Often you’re smoking outside, dealing with the elements can make it a huge pain to relight a joint. More importantly, you’re there to share…so share the vibes, man. This is a cardinal rule that you have to follow strictly.  Take two puffs at most and pass that joint. However, in rare cases, you may come up with your own rules as a circle. That’s okay and it is allowed. Unless otherwise instructed, please stick to this cardinal rule. Your strict adherence to this rule will make sure you are invited back to the smoking circle. We know you may want to join the circle another time to enjoy such a moment. That’s why we are giving you tips to ensure you don’t blow it!

Finer Points with Joints

Here’s another thing to consider, avoid damaging your friend’s clothes or furniture while passing the joint. Therefore, before you pass it, ash it.  It quite simple, so let it sink in. No one wants to receive a un ashed joint. So, kindly remember to do this at all times. Also:

  1. Don’t slobber. It’s gross to think about, but you are in fact passing saliva to one another, however small the molecules are. Keep your lips dry and don’t swallow the joint – major faux-pas. Everyone is there to have a good time, but hygiene is crucial.  If you are sick, you fellow joint smokers will appreciate if you tell them the truth.  Also, if you are sick, consider sitting this one out or bringing your own joint (or mouth piece).
  2. Be chill. Whether it’s your first time or your 10,000th – relax and enjoy yourself. One, you’re smoking a joint; it’s kind of the point. Two, if you’re all rigged about it, it will show and you’ll look new (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Take your time to feel the psychoactive effects of cannabis.
Tap that ash!

Tap that ash!


That’s all there is to it, friends. Now you know how to smoke a joint like a seasoned veteran. We have given you the basic dos and don’ts when smoking a joint with your friends. The rest is up to you!

When your session is complete, we suggest to always take note of the people around. Not everyone enjoys the smell of your joint and there is nothing wrong with that. Just ensure you are responsible and you are sensitive to other members of the public. Remember to clean up your mess when you’re done!

This is can be so embarrassing and will only happen if you leave a smelly stash behind. Consider securing a discrete, smell-proof stash box to store your joints. Also, you may need to have a safety case to store your joints to ensure they are not damaged. It is so heartbreaking rolling a joint to use later in the day just to find it damaged when it’s go time.

We hope you have all the vital information at your fingertips on how to smoke a joint. Most importantly, enjoy smoking a joint. And remember, don’t allow peer pressure to take control of you. If you ain’t interested, just don’t smoke. Also, if you choose to smoke a joint don’t force your innocent friend to smoke it.

Have fun!