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In both Canada and the U.S., senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users. With the move towards legalization, senior citizens are finding more ways to use cannabis than ever before.

In a recent documentary, VICE took a look at the relationship some seniors citizens have with weed. They visited a Seattle nursing home that takes residents on field trips to a local dispensary and provides lessons and information on cannabis.

They also smoked a joint with an elderly woman who uses cannabis as a medicine which produced a pretty interesting interview.

In fact, it’s not just seniors looking to use medically. Senior recreational users are also on the rise as well. This has provided access for media companies to offer engaging videos of senior citizens indulging in cannabis.

Stigmas are slowly fading and thus, opportunities for reaction-media are endless. This is an avenue that did not exist a few years ago. But one that we are definitely grateful for.

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