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Take a seat, take a break. Paint an Angry Goat with Boob Ross, the Bob Ross remix that’s baked.

When you combine the joy of painting and the bliss of boobs, you’re left with a titillating on-camera learning experience featuring the one and only Boob Ross. You can stop the squinting and second guessing because you read that right. Boob Ross is her name and getting high to paint masterpieces is her game.

Low and behold, It’s the Bob Ross remix we’ve all been waiting for, and its only on 

Who is Boob Ross?

Boob Ross (Sasha) is Russian/Canadian artist and on-screen personality well known for her painting tutorials. Her show, “Painting with Boob Ross,” is like a Bob Ross remix, only with weed, wine, and wider smiles. She goes by Sashaforfucksake on Instagram and runs an Etsy shop called “Peculiar Art” selling her painting and work.

She describes herself on Youtube as:

“just a woman trying to paint.”

You can check out her artwork here.

How High?

“On today’s episode we are going to do something different…Dude! I am so high that I thought putting concealer under my eye would make me look less high!”

We’re off to a smashing start! As always, Boob Ross’ supplies are laid out and as usual, they’re a mishmash of items that would make any DIY’er blush. Ran out of something? No problemo. Everything is replaceable!

“If you run out of paper towel, just get yourself some toilet paper and it’ll do the trick. If you run out of toilet paper… just use paper towel.”

boob ross

Taking Requests

Do you have an idea for an episode of Boob Ross? Add your suggestions in the comments on YouTube. You never know, she might paint yours!

“In my last episode somebody told me to paint the goat, an angry goat, so on today’s episode I’m going to paint an angry goat.”

Admittedly nervous on top of being admittedly high, Ms. Ross finally gets started on her masterpiece, which will end up being a friendly reminder as to why she’s the G.O.A.T.. 


boob ross

A Productive Break!

“I took a large break to sweat under… my titty?”

That wasn’t the actual purpose of the break. Boob Ross simply needed some goat reference. We could all use a little goat reference sometimes. Objectively speaking, painting a goat from memory alone is no easy feat. Goats strolling down the sidewalk or reading the newspaper on a park bench aren’t sights we see every day. Or any day for that matter because goats don’t read. Goats, for as common as they are, are not very common at all, nor are they much in the city.

According to trusted sources out in British Columbia, the sweat dried up quickly.


boob ross

Goat vs. Strange Dog

“I think I lost the goat..does this look like a goat? Now it looks like a strange dog.”

It’s easy to confuse a dog for a goat. They’re both four-legged animals with a flair. Except one is a goat and the other is a dog. But as always in the Boob Ross School of Art, nothing really matters. T-shirts are available on campus (there is no campus, please don’t Google it) at the bookstore (again, since there is no Boob Ross School of Art, there is no bookstore).


boob ross

Only a GOAT Can Make Painting a Goat Fun

Angry birds are out and angry goats are in; it’s 2018, folks! Boob Ross is the best.

The Angry Goat will be on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum throughout the month of August.

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