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Take a seat, take a break. Paint Molly the Fat Cat with Boob Ross, the Bob Ross remix that’s baked.

When you combine the joy of painting and the bliss of boobs, you’re left with a titillating on-camera learning experience featuring the one and only Boob Ross. You can stop the squinting and second guessing because you read that right. Boob Ross is her name and getting high to paint masterpieces is her game.

Low and behold, It’s the Bob Ross remix we’ve all been waiting for, and its only on 

Who is Boob Ross?

Boob Ross (Sasha) is a Russian/Canadian artist and on-screen personality well known for her painting tutorials. Her show, “Painting with Boob Ross,” is like a Bob Ross remix, only with weed, wine, and wider smiles. She goes by Sashaforfucksake on Instagram and runs an Etsy shop called “Peculiar Art” selling her painting and work.

She describes herself on Youtube as:

“just a woman trying to paint.”

You can check out her artwork here.

Boob Ross Request Hour

“On today’s episode we are going to be doing a request from…some…person?”

Boob Ross is back for another round of intoxicating art with a request from a nameless fan. She has many of those, just lurking in the darkness of the internet looking for more to get their Boob Ross fix.

I hope you like animals, because on today’s episode, you’ll be seeing a cat come to life. And not just any cat, but the fattest cat on canvas you’ve ever seen.

“They asked me to paint Molly…it’s a cat. Molly was a fat cat who used to lay around, so I’m just gonna paint her laying down!”

boob ross

High on Molly

Witnessing Molly come to life is a transformative experience. Boob Ross is a creator – of animal life. Any time a blank canvas is converted into a piece of art should be considered a special moment. Even when things don’t always go according to plan…

“When you think you fucked up, you probably did…”

And as always, it just doesn’t matter because there is no right or wrong in the art world. Sick goatee, Molly.

boob ross

Krazee Eyez Painta

“Just keep watching me, you little creeps.”

Are you having fun yet? Ms. Ross is, and her killer artist instinct is exiting her body through both her paint strokes and her eyes. Cray cray Boob Ross is the best Boob Ross.


boob ross

Tails for Paws?

“Her tail used to always flop – OMG – all of her paws are her tail?!”

Imagine if all cats had tails for paws and a paw for a tail? How would that change the universe and the way cats function in our society? Would we be better off or are you thinking what I’m thinking? My life wouldn’t change one bit.

boob ross

Le Fin – Molly The Fat Cat

Molly might be spotty and have tails for paws, but she’s a hot mess everyone can love and relate to because we all have a little Molly in us. How else can you have fun at a music festival?

Head over to The Guggenheim to see Molly in person this week.

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