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Take a seat, take a break. Paint Recycled Dragons & More with Boob Ross, the Bob Ross remix that’s baked.

When you combine the joy of painting and the bliss of boobs, you’re left with a titillating on-camera learning experience featuring the one and only Boob Ross. You can stop the squinting and second guessing because you read that right. Boob Ross is her name and getting high to paint masterpieces is her game.

Low and behold, It’s the Bob Ross remix we’ve all been waiting for, and its only on 

Who is Boob Ross?

Boob Ross (Sasha) is Russian/Canadian artist and on-screen personality well known for her painting tutorials. Her show, “Painting with Boob Ross,” is like a Bob Ross remix, only with weed, wine, and wider smiles. She goes by Sashaforfucksake on Instagram and runs an Etsy shop called “Peculiar Art” selling her painting and work.

She describes herself on Youtube as:

“just a woman trying to paint.”

You can check out her artwork here.

Higher than a Chicken

“Hey guys, today’s episode we are going to cut straight to the chase and by straight to the chase I mean chicken!”

Boob Ross kicks the show off with some real talk. Our girl is here to paint and entertain you. But make no mistake, she’s also here to eat chicken and wear some cool shades.

Using a used canvas covered in what one could only describe as “pretty skies”, Boob Ross is all about recycling this week. She must have watched some Magic School Bus over the weekend, because that’s what you do when you’re high. You learn from the distinguished Ms. Frizzle.

“Today we are going to be very environmentally cautious. We are going to live by the little chant reduce, reuse, recycle.”

boob ross

So, So High

Annnnd she’s high af.

“Dude, I’m so high!”

Luckily, Boob Ross is sporting her snazzy shades so her highness is low-key high. Oh wait, she just told us how high she is. Stop hiding those eyes of yours! Miss Frizzle is down with the weeds.

boob ross

Our Little Baby (Sperm)

“Just outline this little fucker!”

Only Boob Ross’ mind can rest comfortably and classy in the gutter. She saw sperm. To the casual observer, it’s just a paint stroke, but not to Boob Ross. She sees sperm like Haley Joel Osment sees dead people.

You know, I kinda see it now. She might be onto something, because I too, see sperm.

boob ross

Penis vs. Pretzel

“Start putting colours on top of the old colours…oh my god! Is that a penis or a pretzel!? Because right now I don’t even know….it’s a key!”

If you have a penis that looks like a pretzel, please contact my good buddy Lance in Las Vegas. There’s a good time and a nice fat check at the end of the road for you down there and you’ll never even have to take your pants off.


boob ross

Thighs for Shoulders

“I got a massive shoulder! It’s like a thigh!”

Well that’s it, boys and girls. Boob Ross has thigh shoulders. Who’s going to be the first to attempt to give her a charlie horse by punching her in the shoulder?

You can check out the Recycled Dragons at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York City this week.

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