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Take a seat, take a break. Paint with Boob Ross, the Bob Ross remix that’s baked.

When you combine the joy of painting and the bliss of boobs, you’re left with a titillating on-camera learning experience featuring the one and only Boob Ross. You can stop the squinting and second guessing because you read that right. Boob Ross is her name and getting high to paint masterpieces is her game.

Low and behold, It’s the Bob Ross remix we’ve all been waiting for, and its only on 

Who is Boob Ross?

Boob Ross (Sasha) is Russian/Canadian artist and on-screen personality well known for her painting tutorials. Her show, “Painting with Boob Ross,” is like a Bob Ross remix, only with weed, wine, and wider smiles. She goes by Sashaforfucksake on Instagram and runs an Etsy shop called “Peculiar Art” selling her painting and work.

She describes herself on Youtube as:

“just a woman trying to paint.”

You can check out her artwork here

Boob Ross Gets Busy with It

boob ross bob ross remix

In this episode of “Painting With Boob Ross”, Ms. Ross came prepared with a painting plan, but the marijuana she smoked before hitting record had… other plans.

“On today’s episode, we are going to….ummmm…I don’t even think I have a plan to be real…I feel like I did….and now I don’t..”

Well, she is out west, and the BC bud is known to be quite potent. Forgetting the plan didn’t hold her back from moving forward with her strokes. Ain’t nothing holding Boob Ross back!

boob ross bob ross remix

As graceful as ever, Ross explains to us that she’ll be doodling. There are two things on this planet that we can safely say everyone does. Everybody poos. And everybody doodles. Some of us do both at once, but that’s not this kind of video.

We hope you don’t trace your paintings because Boob Ross will get MAD, As per usual, “only losers trace their paintings before they paint them so let’s get started!”

Boob Ross is the 21st Century Philosophizer

boob ross bob ross remix

“A reference is a like a mirror in an artist’s world, you just gotta look at it from time to time.”

And with that, she moved on to her doodles, something she’s been doing for as long as she’s been on this planet. Speaking of, how cool is this planet?! So underrated this planet of ours.

“This is how I imagine a heart, black and empty…”

Boob Ross Bob Ross Remix

Boob Ross doodled from a dark place, where most of her sense of humor finds a home. Choosing to paint in black only, her doodle is on a monotone mission with a one-way ticket to the Underworld. Hades is said to absolutely love her work. Only Ms. Ross can doodle a heart and utter these words in a light-hearted manner. Such a charmer!

In the end, her black and white painting didn’t leave her satisfied, which actually makes for a better time. She doesn’t take herself seriously and that’s what makes it work. Getting to observe such a talented artist with her guard down is something special. This piece may never see the inside of the Louvre, but the process is the gold.

boob ross bob ross remix

“When you turn your painting sideways, it means you are on the right track and when the painting stops making sense to you, that means you are done.”

And just like that, she was done. Another Boob Ross painting to proudly display in the Louvre. And another Bob Ross remix done just right. 

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