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Road Trip Season: feat. Mary Jane

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road trip

Road trips are always a fun way to kick off the spring and summer season. And if you are a lover of all things cannabis this may be the best way to travel for legal purposes. Stay within state or province and enjoy the sites around you!

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? And cannabis tends to spark a desire for adventure, so why not partake. I mean yes, this will require you to have a sober driver at all times. But the plan could entail driving to the beach, smoking, camping and leaving the next day sober. Okay, we got that plan beat. But what about the rules of driving with marijuana? Or, the smell?

Well, here are some tips that will guide you and your friend on our next adventure. But, always know your rights within province and state. Federally marijuana is not legal…yet! We can still hope. But for now, keep the road trips within a respectable distance.

Trade-Off Being the Designated Driver

This is just a good rule of thumb for any road trip. It helps with exhaustion, concentration, and really overall fun. No one wants to be the driver the whole time. Well, maybe you do! If you, DOPE! Of course, you want this designated driver to remain sober. This means no smoking, no edibles, no surprises! If you decide to road trip alone, you know what this means? You get to build up excitement for when you get to your destination for that first puff of your spliff. Because you will NOT be smoking en route. Right!?

Choose the Perfect Road Trip Destination

So you have a couple of options. If you already live where it’s legal, then take a fun road trip to a nearby lake or a good hiking spot. Otherwise, why not travel to a location where it is legal! But make sure to prep before you go. I am talking: looking up dispensaries, checking out the rules (aka. do you need a medical license?), you can even check for cannabis bed and breakfasts! For real, what is better than a good wake and bake? And always know that camping is a fantastic option.

Always be Prepared for Weather

Just always be cautious for anything to happen, look into the weather where you are going ahead of time, not just where you are. And don’t let a rainy day hold you back. And if it’s going to rain, maybe roll your joint ahead of time. Or BYBC (Bring Your Bong Camping) and have it for a good session around the campfire.

Keep It in the Trunk

If you’re driving with cannabis, especially raw flower, the best idea is to keep it in the trunk while you’re moving. Plus, if you have a medical license, you can keep your amount on your persons as long as it is in one bag. But have your license and know you may get harassed a little by the cops. However, Police officers don’t have a good way of testing whether a driver is high. However, no one should be smoking in the car while it’s moving and keep edibles only to the passengers and perhaps out of reach to find.

Bring a Camera 

I mean it is always nice to SnapChat your experiences and go live on Facebook. I mean everyone needs to catch up on your recent Instagram story. But, bringing a regular camera along, may help you and your friends to check out from regular life but still capture the memories for later. I know personally, I am hooked on my phone. So my camera is my secret saving grace on my trips. Make videos, take photos and create something for you and your friends to watch later while smoking up at home! It is always fun reminiscing.

Bring Good Music and Podcasts

You could go for the typical stoner classics: Some Cypress Hill or Black Sabbath, even some High Times Podcasts. Or you could get creative. Get everyone to send a list of their favorite classic stoner songs but also there like top played iTunes songs. Mix it up with some TedTalks, Joey “CoCo” Diaz or Joe Rogan Podcasts. Make sure to download enough music for the entirety of your trip. If you are real music buffs you won’t forget the wireless Bluetooth speaker either. Nothing like blasting ACDC at the top of a mountain while smoking a joint!

Don’t Dehydrate or Get too Hungry

As you listen, munch on everything from jalapeno popcorn to apple slices to those tasty peanut butter pretzels. It is always important, and part of road trip tradition to stop off at some God-forsaken burger joint, that looks like it has a disease or can’t pay rent – yet has a mile long line of tourist out the door. Cause, baby, these places will have the best of SOMETHING! Make sure to load up on water, ice teas, maybe even bring a cooler or two of your favorite drinks. Pop is great for a caffeine boost and sugar rush but I don’t endorse it. If you are camping or traveling afar, perhaps hit up a grocery store where you are going so there is more space in the car.  Make sure to bring your favorite edibles and enjoy cannabis-infused smores around the fire.

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