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Who Invented The Weed Brownie?

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Cannabis-infused brownies are the classic edible. But do you know who invented the weed brownie?

When it comes to edibles, there’s nothing more iconic than the weed brownie. It delicious, full of chocolate and one of the easiest edibles to make. But where did this amazing tradition come from? Who invented it? We may never know that, but we do know, however, who published the first weed brownie recipe.

Alice B. Toklas: The Pot Brownie Queen

Many have assumed that it was Alice B. Toklas who invented the weed brownie. In the 1950s Paris, Alice B. Toklas published her notorious cookbook: The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook.

Hidden among her recipes for chicken and other delicious meals is Toklas’ famous Hashish Fudge, also known as the first pot brownie recipe. The recipe contains coriander, cinnamon, dates, almonds, peanuts and, of course, cannabis sativa. Hashish fudge is also linked to Toklas through the Peter Sellers movie, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas.

“Two pieces are quite sufficient.”

Brion Gysin: Author And Artist

weed brownie

Painter, writer, sound poet, tape composer, lyricist, and performance artist. Gysin is remembered particularly for his evocative paintings of the North African desert in the 1950s. via October Gallery

Brion Gysin was a surrealist. In fact, William Burroughs explains, “Brion Gysin was the only man I ever respected,” in an interview with The Guardian. It was also Gysin who invented the weed brownie as we know it from Tolkas’ cookbook. In addition, Gysin contributed his hashish fudge recipe to The Alice B. Toklas CookbookToklas, who had never made the brownies herself, did not know what cannabis sativa was at the time. Crazy enough according to Gysin’s own book, Brion gave Tolkas the recipe as a joke. Its inclusion in the book’s final publication was a mistake. But what a mistake it was! So was it Gysin who invented the weed brownie?

So, Who Invented The Weed Brownie?

Gysin’s knowledge of hashish fudge came from his time in Northern Africa. Furthermore, when Gysin discovered cannabis it was more popular in Morocco than in Europe at the time. In fact, Gysin gave Toklas the recipe for hashish fudge brownies in the same year that he opened his restaurant in Tangiers. But who invented the weed brownie originally?

We may never know who actually invented the weed brownie, just as we will never know who took the first toke. However, we do understand that Alice B. Toklas neither thought of the recipe nor indulged in marijuana. If anything, Tolkas’ weed brownie exemplifies how creativity inspired the night edible to be made.

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