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A solid portable vaporizer pen designed for tokes-on-the-go.

There are a few things you always need from a portable vaporizer pen. Style, efficiency, portability are all on the top of the list. But if you looking for something that will elevate your cannabis paraphernalia.

Perfect for a strong and satisfying high that is discreet and easy to use.

With legalization on the horizon, discreet options for smoking may seem like a dying trend. But the fact is, it isn’t just about the compact “toke on the go” option that The Gold Therapy Vape Pen provides. As a portable vaporizer pen, it is perfect for those wanting something a little stronger than the average.

It is stronger than smoking a joint and won’t get you as “lit” as a dab. Convinced yet? Just ask Theresa Longo.

Gold Therapy Portable Vaporizer Pen with Theresa Longo


Portable Vaporizer Pen Review with Theresa Longo


With a rechargeable battery and 2 replacement batteries – you are pretty likely will never run out! As long as you are prepared with the oils you want most, you are set to go. The Gold Therapy Pen is popular amongst the average smoker and the connoisseur.

With its easy-to-use cartridges – you can simply twist on and off and switch between your daytime and nighttime needs. In addition, these cartridges are water resistant and discreet.

Furthermore, this portable vaporizer pen is special because of its desirable THC levels of up to 500mg per. While smoking a whole cartridge is not recommended in a day, this product can last up to a month providing a very nice head high.

The Effects of the Portable Vaporizer Pen

As shown by Theresa Longo, the effects of the pen can be optimized by controlling the aperture setting on the pen. A larger opening will actively kick the THC into the body.

As an actress and model, Longo can now use her pen anywhere she is going whether it’s the grocery store or the Red Carpet!

Many users rave this portable vaporizer pen for its delectable taste and nodes. Those flavor packs are the 100mg of terpenes that are included into each cartridge and provides the flavor. In addition, the ability to change the flow of the oil allows it to be strengthened to the users liking.

With a tasty, pungent and heavy smoke, the pull of the vape will be both satisfying and flavourful.

Tech Specifications

portable vape pen

This portable vaporizer pen is a patent-pending design made with the Canadian user in mind. Available in both The Wasp and The Hornet formations. While the pen comes separate from the cartridges, this is an appeal to vape users. In fact, having portable and chargeable pieces is what makes this so nice.

“Innovation meets luxury” as Gold Therapy says.

Tank Specifications

Capacity: 0.6 mL
Size: 11.3 mm (length) x 11.2 mm (diameter)
Airflow: 4 x Bottom Airflow
Coil Composition: 100% Ceramic

Battery Specifications

Capacity: 350mAh Li-Ion
Size: 84.6 mm (length) x 11.2 mm (diameter)
Charge Time: ~1.5 hour/200pulls

What’s in the Box?

  • 2x Rechargeable Portable Vaporizer Pen Batteries
  • 1x Portable USB Charger
  • Instruction Manual

Vape Oil – Get The One You Like

via Gold Therapy

The Hive Series consists of both The Wasp and The Hornet. Now, it is nice to have a portable disposable vape cartridge but it also means you are spending more.

On the other hand, the Wasp and The Hornet can be paired with the Gold Therapy vape along with some other brands cartridges. Nevertheless, this portable vaporizer pen comes with a ceramic heating element which helps in heat control and makes sure to pack a punch. If you have thick concentrates, the rechargeable battery even includes a preheating function.

So, although it is small, the tanks are made in a perfect design to be leak resistant, water resistant and can be purchased separately when needed.

The Gold Therapy portable vaporizer pen will create a large amount of vapor and smoke making it worth it to it least try.

How to Work the Gold Therapy Vape

  1. To turn on the vape, you press the button five times.
  2. A white light will flash around the button signifying that the vape has turned on.
  3. Adjust heating control to liking.
  4. Press and hold the button while drawing air through the mouthpiece

Easy, simple and compact, The Gold Therapy Portable Vaporizer Pen is perfect for someone who is a fan of oils, doesn’t have much time on their hands or just looking for a nice high!

Who is Theresa Longo?

theresa longo

Theresa Longo has an appetite for the arts and cannabis. Her resume for performance is vast, including live television and radio appearances. Theresa’s outgoing personality made her the perfect candidate to experience the Gold Therapy Portable Vaporizer Pen. A Canadian Feature Film Actress & International Model, Theresa flexes her knowledge of brand development and marketing while pursuing a career in the arts industry.

She travels nationally and internationally as a Corporate Brand Ambassador and loves to write and record original music.

Let’s not forget that she’s a cannabis enthusiast of the highest caliber with a real passion for the spotlight. With close to 20K followers on Instagram, Theresa makes an impact through fashion, travel, and an all-around zest for life that is contagious. Today, Theresa demonstrates how to take tokes on the go.

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