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Portable Bong Roll Uh Bowl Review with Tyler Lemco

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portable bong roll uh bowl

To all the friends, family, and even to the enemies, this Roll Uh Bowl is a portable bong dream.

All people are really looking for out of a portable bong is for it to get you high and Roll Uh Bowl does just that. This bong isn’t just a wonderful creation, but you can tell that thought was put into the concept. A malleable piecee of smoking equipment the Roll Uh Bowl is made for the on-the-go smoker!

The Roll Uh Bowl

Users everywhere rave about this portable bong. The Roll Uh Bowl is compact and can be easily stored in a backpack or purse. It has always been a problem for the bong smokers to travel with their glass pieces, not only is it heavy but it’s dangerous. In fact, the biggest downfall about smoking bongs is it keeps you attached to a couch in your home. But, with this Roll Uh Bowl portable bong users can have their piece on the go.

This dope product comes with all your necessities including 3 different times of stem pieces:

  1. Alloy Eject-a-Bowl with a Roller-Ball Downstem – 9mm
  2. Clear Glass Eject-a-Bowl – 9mm (sold separately)
  3. Blue or Green Glass Eject-a-Bowl – 9mm (sold separately)

Roll Uh Bowl also includes: silicone body, alloy Eject-a-Bowl with roller ball downstem, silicone storage band.

  • Silicone 8″ bong body
  • Silicone storage band
  • Fun stickers for you and your friends

Why a Portable Bong?

portable bong roll uh bowl

via The Stoned Society

There is no doubt that Tyler is a fan but so many other users. This smoking accessory has hundreds of positive reviews with very little complaints. While Roll Uh Bowl is completely user-friendly, the additional glass pieces come with a risk. Nevertheless, this portable bong does include a completely composite downstem and a smoke piece that will stay sturdy for any activity.

In addition, you can squish, pull, fold and still maintain the structure, form, and shape. Most importantly, this portable bong has incredible functionality for users on the go. Smokers who may not love a joint or oil but still want to partake in hiking, adventures, camping trips, festivals or just head over to a friends house.

Material: BPA-free grade V1 platinum cured silicone, alloy bowl, composite downstem

Features: bendable, foldable, dishwasher safe

Accessories for Roll Uh Bowl

portable bong roll uh bowl

via Slying

Bowls and Downstems

For the smokers who still want a crisp smoke from a glass piece, these portable bong pieces can be bought separately. The borosilicate glass bowl is sturdy but that doesn’t mean it won’t break. Pulls well and is perfect for a camping trip or low key adventure. The Roll Uh Bowl also made sure to look out for the user’s needs. In fact, you can even purchase the downstem separate in case you lose track of pieces during a hike or trip to the beach.

Nails and Dabs

There are many people who love cannabis flower but there a many who love a good concentrate like shatter or budder. Catering to the opinions of their customers, Roll Uh Bowl portable bong created a nail piece and dab piece for all your elevated needs. Both are convenient and easy to keep clean. Made from titanium, the Roll Uh Bowl will become a killer dab rig!

Replacement Bands

This may not be a complete necessity for your smoking needs but this piece is key to the Roll Uh Bowl. Keeping the portable bong idea in mind, the replacement bands help to keep everything packs and wrapped together!

The Toker Tool

The Toker Tool is truly unappreciated for what it is. It is a multi-purpose tool for the stoner! In addition, it is really a great smoking accessory for the portable bong because it is easy to pack and take on the go. Te Roll Uh Bowl company really thought through on this tool creating multiple uses for it.

    • Bowl cleaner
    • Multi-size joint holder
    • Shredder / chopper
    • Measurer
    • Bottle opener
    • Blunt splicer
    • “911” dab stand
    • Scooper
    • Nail Remover
    • Can Opener


“Gone are the days at being home alone with your ginormous glass bongs” – Tyler Lemco

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